Media Business

In the Media Business, we are increasing the number of broadcast channels for SKY PerfecTV! On-Demand amid rapid expansion of the video distribution market. We also aim to improve the customer experience by strengthening our Hybridcast feature, which seamlessly combines TV and Internet services.

Program Broadcasting and Provision

At the SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center and other places, programs are transmitted, distributed, and broadcast using satellite technology so that our customers can enjoy TV programs with peace of mind whenever they please.
The process of digitally compressing program content sent from channel broadcasters and multiplexing our electronic program guide (EPG) along with other data for transmission to ground stations is one of our most important tasks.
We will continue to provide high-quality broadcasting and transmission services using digital broadcasting technology.

Advancement of Broadcasting Technology (4K Broadcasting and Integration of Broadcasting and Communications)

With the commencement of new 4K/8K broadcasting, SKY PerfecTV! is airing broadcasts on a total of nine 4K channels. Focusing on the potential of 4K from an early stage, we have achieved results while repeatedly conducting a variety of test transmissions, including soccer games and music events.
We have also introduced SKY PerfecTV! Hybrid, which integrates our broadcasting services, On-Demand services, and online services. Pressing the "d" button on your remote control connects Sky PerfecTV! broadcasts to the Internet, where you can go back in time through a program guide complete with image and watch any programs that you might have missed (On-Demand). Subscribers can also revise their contracts on their TV.


WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel is an entertainment channel which brings you Japanese programs such as dramas, films, music, animation/special effects, sports, culture, entertainment, documentaries, etc. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Smart Contact Center (Customer Management)

The Smart Contact Center is where most of our important communication with our customers takes place. The Center handles a wide range of inquiries, from new subscriptions, requests for programs, and contract changes to billing and collection of subscription revenue. Moreover, with cutting-edge technology, including omnichannel communication infrastructure, AI, and cloud services, we are responding in an integrated and flexible manner to new diverse forms of communication with customers, including e-mail, online chat, and social network platforms such as LINE.

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