Space Business

Our communications satellites cover the whole of Asia, Oceania, Russia, the Middle East, Hawaii, and North America. Including but not limited to domestic use in Japan, special communication lines to depopulated areas and as emergency lines during and after natural disasters serves as critical communication path for the entire community. Japanese major lifeline enterprises such as electricity, gas, and oil introduces our satellite services as a reliable & flexible communication services.

We deliver peace of mind, safety, and excitement to our customers in domains where satellites have an overwhelming advantage.

Domestic Business

  • Domestic Business

Satellite communications has strength in disaster-recovering phase with its flexibility. Many lifeline enterprises value such reliability and use it as a BCP measure. Satellites are also used for a variety of applications, such as on-the-scene coverage, and simultaneous transmission of the contents to the entire country.

Global Business

  • Global Business

Our service through Horizons joint-venture with Intelsat Corporation provides satellite service in North America and Russia. Surge demands in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, our international supply shows steady growth.

Mobile Business

  • Mobile Business

Even during cruise and long-flight, you can enjoy communication from earth thanks to satellites communication. More than hundreds of vessels equipped with our satellite internet service and it also serves as maritime welfare benefits. We also expand our business through our Group company, JSAT MOBILE Communications by means of joint investment with Inmarsat Group and other partners.

Space Intelligence Business

  • Space Intelligence Business

Big data available from sea, land, sky and outer space gives us huge insight. For your brighter business tomorrow, we can support your decision-making meaningful one.

From space to the sea, we're creating businesses that take advantage of diverse space pioneering initiatives and space data.

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