Integrated Report 2023 Online


We will steadily implement growth investments aimed
at 2030 and work toward Value Creation by “Change.”

Eiichi Yonekura

Representative Director, President

Value Creation Story

We are determined to continue offering new value that only SKY Perfect JSAT can create,
according to the Group’s mission “Space for your Smile” as our principle.


We will promote sustainability management under “Space for your Smile,” striving to enhance corporate value and sustainable social development.


We will accelerate growth investments based on stable cash flow and enhance shareholder returns.

Koichi Matsutani

Chief Financial Officer

Financial and non-financial information can be found in Financial and Non-Financial Highlights.

Putting Value Creation into Practice

Our goals are to expand our Global and Mobile, and New Domains businesses, and to realize a space integrated computing network.

Toru Fukuoka

Representative Director
(Unit President, Space Business Unit, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation)

Our goal is to use our broadcasting and distribution foundations to capture various needs, and evolve into a platform that connects people,companies, and society.

Masato Ogawa

(Unit President, Media Business Unit, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation)

Roundtable Discussion with Outside Directors and a Corporate Auditor

Under the group mission “Space for your Smile,” SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings is working to achieve medium- to longterm growth. On the occasion of the appointment of new outside directors Setsuko Aoki and Katashi Toyota, who have in-depth knowledge related to the Space Business, which holds the key to future growth, a group of four officers of SKY Perfect JSAT Group, including Aoki, Toyota, and Atsuhiko Ohe, a full-time corporate auditor, sat down to discuss the future of the Group, with Kimiko Ohga, also an outside director, serving as facilitator.

Integrated Report 2023