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SKY Perfect JSAT formulates SDGs policy and sets goals and KPIs
Aiming for a better tomorrow with the SKY Perfect JSAT Group mission "Space for your Smile"

Nov 2, 2021

 SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President: Eiichi Yonekura, hereinafter "SKY Perfect JSAT") announced its formulation of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) policy, aiming to deepen sustainability management. In addition, SKY Perfect JSAT also sets goals and KPIs regarding the important themes (materiality) that we will tackle, which  was announced on April 28, “SKY Perfect JSAT strengthens initiatives to achieve SDGs”.

● Sustainability Policy
“Space for your Smile”, a group-wide mission established in 2018, will be established as a sustainability policy for us to promote activities aimed at a sustainable society.

● Approach to Sustainability
We will continue our activities to make people smile, based on our Group mission of "Space for your Smile“.
For people to smile, we believe it is important that society, the earth, and the space be healthy.
We at the SKY Perfect JSAT are committed to enhancing corporate value by contributing to social and environmental sustainability and solving social issues through sound business activities.
In addition, we will give due consideration to the impact of our business activities on our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, local communities, and other organizations, as well as the environment. We will also endeavor to build trust through dialogue with stakeholders.
Based on these concepts, we will continue to deliver smiles to people so that we can sustainably create social value and economic value from a long-term perspective. At the same time, we will continue to address social issues such as the environment and human rights.

● Goals of 9 Important Themes (Materiality): “What we want to be in 2030”

1. Building resilient broadcasting and communications infrastructure, eliminating information gaps

・Give connectivity to everything on the planet seeking connection, and constantly provide reliable services, at any time
・By developing disaster-resistant broadcasting and communication infrastructure and expanding our reach, we will provide connectivity to all "people who   seek connection" on the planet at any- time, anywhere
・Improve service reliability by building partnerships to share back-up satellites and control stations among satellite operators

2. Improving the richness of life through a diversity of content

・Realize an integrated media platform that expands people's values ​​with various contents and services
・Promote encounters between people and content, and create a world where you can easily see the content you want to see
・Create a world where content holders (individuals / companies) can easily enter the content business
・Establish ethical guidelines for providing video content and use it as the standard for our services

3. Contributing to the environment to make a decarbonized society and recycling-based economy a reality

・Aim for a 100% ratio of renewable energy consumption by the Group
・Expand its contribution to renewable energy power generation and supply
・Reduce the volume of waste generated by the Group by promoting appropriate disposal, reuse, and recycling of industrial waste
・Promote green procurement (CSR procurement) to all suppliers

4. Improving the environment in space

・Establish a space debris removal service as a business

5. Promoting innovation which contributes to the environment and society

・Contribute to environmental conservation and social development by evolving businesses that utilize remote sensing
・Continue to provide new video services and new customer services to develop society

6. Promoting partnerships

*No goals are set for individual themes, but partnerships are promoted as a common means of achieving the goals of each theme.

7. Developing a strong base for management

・Strengthen the management and supervisory functions of the Board of Directors and constantly pursue a diversity and effective system
・Become a company that continues to be properly valued by stakeholders by enhancing its disclosure content
・(Information security and personal information protection) Maintain zero serious violations and information leaks

8. Activities by a diverse array of people

・Aim to become a company in which all employees are active by making the most of their strengths
・Target ratio of female employees in managerial positions as to the proportion of male and female employees

9. Regional and community development

・Realize “Space for your Smile” through social contribution utilizing our own infrastructure

We will continue to aim for sustainable growth by providing peace of mind, comfort and enjoyment to people's lives through our business. In addition, we will introduce the progress of activities as appropriate on our Sustainability site released in June 2021.

・Sustainability site: https://www.skyperfectjsat.space/en/sustainability/