Society & Education

The SKY Perfect JSAT Group provides highly public services of broadcasting and communications. As a center of the group, with more than a dozen communications satellites in orbit, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation serves as a secure foundation for society as well as help peoples' comfortable lives, peace of mind, and joy by those services. We will continue to contribute to a sound foundation and vigorous development of the society.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Free Provision of Satellite Communication Services for the Training of Medical Releif Communication Expert.

  • Training in utilizing emergency
    telecommunications provided by
    DCOME in November 2017.

In the fields of medical and relief activities, which protect the lives of citizens, dependence on communication networks is increasing with the proliferation of information and communication technology, and high-speed internet provided through satellite communication has become increasingly important as a means of emergency communication during large-scale disasters. In June 2017, a report by the Study Group on Ideal Emergency Communications Means in Times of Large-scale Disaster in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications also proposed "emergency communication means that should be secured by disaster medical aid bases" along with the "strengthening of human capabilities related to emergency communication means." In response to this, the Disaster Medical Relief Communication Expert Council (DCOME) was established to train individuals who can use emergency communications in an appropriate manner and is implementing systematic training activities. SKY Perfect JSAT is playing a role in activities to train individuals who can serve as teachers in skills training for these communications experts, thus contributing to the development of a resilient country by strengthening disaster prevention measures and rescuing as many people as possible.

  • The ExBird VSAT (Very Small Aperture
    Terminal) provided to the government
    integrated emergency response drills.

Furthermore, since 2015, we have provided our ExBird satellite communication service free of charge in training for medical activities during large-scale earthquakes in the Japanese government's comprehensive disaster prevention training, which is conducted annually on September 1, at the request of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT)*. In this training, we use ExBird to provide satellite-based internet connections and audio communication lines, assuming a situation in which terrestrial lines are interrupted, which made it possible to access an emergency medical information system (EMIS) and use voice communications quickly after a disaster. Our quick installation of ExBird portable satellite communication stations and use of lines were highly evaluated, and it is expected that this collaboration will be strengthened further in the coming years.

  • DMAT is defined as a trained mobile medical team that can conduct activities during the acute phase of a disaster. The team is composed of doctors, nurses, and administrators who have received specialist training. There is DMAT for each prefectural block in Japan, and, during a disaster, these teams conduct activities in cooperation with hospitals that deal with disaster victims.

Resilience Certification

Since SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation provides the highly public services of communication and broadcasting, we strongly recognize the roles and responsivities that are expected of us during a disaster or emergency. In 2016, we acquired resilience certification,* and, with the safety and security of our employees and upper management and their families as our first priority, we have established the policies of working to prevent secondary disasters, minimizing effects on our stakeholders, and quickly restoring and continuing operations so as to minimize the effect on management. Under this policy, we have predetermined the operations that we will continue to perform during an emergency for each of our business areas, and we are working to develop measures while maintaining a strong awareness of business continuity plan (BCP).

  • Resilience certification (Certification for Organizations That Contribute to Strengthening National Resilience) is based on the notion that "Japan will overcome disasters," which was developed by the National Resilience Promotion Office in the Cabinet Secretariat. Organizations are certified as "Organizations That Contribute to Strengthening National Resilience" after their business continuity initiatives have been screened and evaluated by the Resilience Certification Office.

Educational Support

Contribution to Improving Educational Environments in Southeast Asia (Provision of Communication Environments and Educational Environments)

  • The opening ceremony of Pongro Kraom
    TERAKOYA, Cambodia

We are conducting various activities in the Education Support Project for Southeast Asia, which aims to contribute to society through business. In Indonesia, in collaboration with our local partners, we are providing teacher training and internet environments that make use of satellite communication for educational institutions on islands where terrestrial wires cannot reach. We have also collected donations through mediums such as our SKY PerfecTV! member magazine, our official SNS account, and broadcast commercials on BS SKY PerfecTV!, a channel operated by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, contributing to the construction of schools in Cambodia through the World TERAKOYA Movement, a project launched by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan.
In July 2018, through a collaboration with our Myanmar project partner Southeastasianet Technologies Myanmar Co., Ltd. (SEANET), an information and communications service provider, we set up very small aperture terminals (VSATs) at three monastic schools, operated by the Monastic Education Development Group, in Myanmar's second largest city Mandalay and in Shan State, where we began using satellite communications to provide remote training programs for teachers. In 2019, we plan to conduct lessons connecting between MEDG’s headquarter and their schools through an Interactive Onsite Learning system. By providing support with the cost of satellite installation and operation, we will help to improve teachers' skills and expand educational opportunities for children in Myanmar.

Nurturing the Next Generation

  • ©Japan Science and Technology Agency

We have endorsed the activities of the "Science Koshien" (a national tournament organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency). The purpose of this event is to nurture highly creative individuals with a spirit of inquiry for pursuing unexplored fields, and junior high school and high school students from across Japan put their scientific thinking power and skills to the test while representing their prefecture. We participate in the event as a collaboration partner to support the effort to nurture the next generation. In the practical skills section of the tournament, we also provide an award, the SKY Perfect JSAT Award, to the prefectural team that presents outstanding engineering designs. We not only support the event as a collaboration partner, but also contribute to improving awareness of the competition through broadcasts, including a live broadcast of the tournament of the competition on the SKY Perfect JSAT channel, BS SKY PerfecTV!.

  • Providing face-to-face lesson to students.

In addition, we are providing support in the area of career education as a "school visit program" in which SKY Perfect JSAT employees and upper management travel to local elementary and junior high schools and interact with students. We provided support to help students broaden their career perspectives by participating in a program where the students can learn about communication alongside our employees and upper management. As special programs, we have given lectures on the childhood dreams of our Group directors, and the importance of being interested in a wide range of fields in order for the children to realize their dreams, and we have taught children about how satellite communication helped people in the disaster area during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami and Kumamoto earthquakes, and about the importance of "being prepared" and "being connected" in normal times, through events involving special guests from Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs). We have also performed demonstrations in which participants experienced "satellite communication," which is usually invisible, using very small aperture terminals (VAST) that are actually used on the ground during a disaster.