Human Resource Development & Supporting Systems

SKY Perfect JSAT Group is aiming to expand satellite communications and multichannel pay TV broadcast service not only in Japan but also worldwide. In order to achieve this goal, its core subsidiary SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation has implemented various measures to establish a workplace with system facilitated, where every employee can perform his or her job with enthusiasm and energys as well as to promote a diversified working style based on a belief that this is a foundation for the growth of our globally expanding business.

Human Resource Development

Development of Globally Competent Human Resources

SKY Perfect JSAT is providing satellite communications services globally and broadcasting "WAKUWAKU JAPAN"channels in South East Asian countries. We are cultivating human resources capable of such international business in order to expand and meets local needs.

Dispatching Employees to Overseas Operation Bases

With the objective of encouraging our employees to understand foreign cultures, providing them with an opportunity to learn foreign languages, and developing human resources with a global perspective and skills to take action, SKY Perfect JSAT has an ongoing program to dispatch our younger employees to our Hong Kong branch and JSAT International Inc. (in Washington, D.C.), our North American subsidiary.

After returning home, they are involved primarily in our overseas business in order to support its development by utilizing their business experience as well as their network of personal connections and the wider perspective they acquired during their assignments in overseas. Additionally, since 2016, we have been dispatching our employees to the Silicon Valley in the United States as a measure to develop human resources who have hands-on business experience and are capable of developing new businesses. We expect them to contribute to the expansion of our global activities and new businesses through acquiring hands-on experience in strategic partnership building, new business development and venture investment.

Overseas Graduate Study Program

Aiming to nurture future candidates for an executive position with high level of expertise and a global way of thinking, SKY Perfect JSAT has been recruiting internally the young and mid-career employees to participate in the overseas graduate study program. Those qualified are sent to graduate schools abroad.

Workshops geared to position and support for self-motivated study

After joining the company, after training for new employees, we provide training according to rank at the time of the third, fifth, and eleventh years, providing opportunities to improve skills on a regular basis.
In fiscal 2019, in order to draw out and maximize the abilities of each and every employee, we are holding training sessions for managers to improve communication skills, and are strengthening management to draw out individual strengths.
As a means of basic skill development, we have established a system to support the growth of our employees, such as by subsidizing 50 to 70% of the cost as an employee self-development subsidy.
We also provide examination fees and rewards related to obtaining TOEIC and company-designated qualifications.

Career development

We have a career development system in place to encourage individual employees to take the initiative in developing their careers.
Through training interviews with superiors, we will clarify our own skill development and future career image.
We have also established a career counselor system for qualified career consultants to provide individual career counseling.

Work-style Reform/Systems

Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation

We are working on a general employer action plan formulated in accordance with the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation. In 2013, as a result of our efforts such as the promotion of child care leave for male employees, we were certified as a business operator which conforms to the Tokyo Labor Bureau standards, and were awarded with the "Kurumin Mark", a certification provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of the above efforts. We continue to have actively involved in supporting to raise the next generation of children.

Response to the Act to Advance the Empowerment of Women and the Child Care and Family Care Leave Law

SKY Perfect JSAT has established a General Business Operator Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, which was enacted in April 2016. We have enhanced the provision of career development support to those employees returning from their maternity or child care leave. Additionally, in response to revisions in the Child Care and Family Care Leave Law, we have put the Child Care Leave Regulation and Family Care Leave Regulation into place. We are creating an environment in which employees can fully demonstrate their abilities while balancing work and family while raising children and providing nursing care. The return rate from childcare leave is also 100%.
Furthermore, in order to create an environment that makes it easier for employees returning to work to overcome time constraints, we expanded measures such as short working hours for parents and subsidizing baby-sitting usage fees.

Paid Leave System

At SKY Perfect JSAT, all employees are granted paid leave that are surpassing legal paid leave in accordance to the length of service. Employees that serve more than eight years shall be granted 24 days of paid leave every year (With a maximum of 48 days including unclaim paid leaves carry forward from the previous fiscal year) . In addition, the Company has a system of automatic holidays for up to 60 days, up to 5 days per year, out of annual paid holidays that are extinguished by prescription. The system allows employees to take holidays on a daily basis when taking care of family members, taking care of parents' associations, participating in volunteer activities, or participating in school events.

Teleworking system

SKY Perfect JSAT has introduced a teleworking system to broaden the work-style choices available to our employees. Following the "Working Style Reform Realization Meeting" proposed by the Cabinet Office, we have lay out an important theme to improve the productivity of each employee, and as means to realize this is to facilitate a flexible work style. We aim to enhance the autonomy, self-motivation and work-life balance of each employee.

In addition to the system aforementioned, we have also implemented various human resource related systems and programs such as post-retirement re-employment, educational training, support in acquiring qualifications and stress check etc.

Employee Data

  • Based on the non-consolidated figures for SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation.
DescriptionEnd of March,
End of March,
End of March,
End of March,
Number of Employees*1Female 142 144 148 151
Male 518 511 500 516
Total 660 655 648 667
Average Age of Employees*1Female 40.4 40.9 41.3 41.4
Male 43.9 44.4 44.9 44.9
Total 43.2 43.6 44.1 44.2
Average Years of Employment*1Female 13.1 13.8 14.2 14.5
Male 15.3 15.9 16.8 16.9
Total 14.8 15.5 16.2 16.4
Rate of Return to Work from Parental Leave (%) 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0
Employee Turnover Rate (%)*2Including Retirements 1.7 2.7 3.7 2.8
Excluding Retirements 0.8 1.7 2.4 2.3
Rate of Disabled in Workforce (%)*3 1.9 1.9 2.4 2.7
Number of Female Managers*4 25 28 28 26
Percentage of Female Managers (%)*5 8.7 9.7 9.7 9.0
Percentage of Employee Taking Paid Annual Leave*6 67.2 68.5 72.2 67.7
Average Hours of Overtime Work (hour)*7 40.5 37.5 36.9 35.4
  1. Regular employee (Based on total employment including temporary transferred employees)
  2. Regular employee (Based on total employment) Number of turnover from the end of the previous fiscal year until the day before the end of current fiscal year / Total of employment as of the end of the previous fiscal year.
  3. In accordance with legal calculation (Based on the total of direct employment)
  4. Regular employee in managerial position (Based on total employment)
  5. Female employee in managerial position / Total employee in managerial position (Based on total employment)
  6. Number of paid leave taken per annum / number of paid leave granted at the beginning of the fiscal year (maximum 24 days) (Annual paid leave of maximum 48 days including unclaimed paid leave carried forward from the previous fiscal year) 
  7. Regular working hours = 7 hours, Overtime working hours = Total overtime working hour in weekday and holidays - (Day of compensatory leave taken × 7 hours)