LEO Ground Business

SKY Perfect JSAT has launched our ground stations for low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites, expecting expanding our business into new LEO market across the Asia-Pacific region and leveraging our GEO fleet and extensive operational experience.

In 2017, we built our first ground station for LEO satellites at Ibaraki Network Control Center (Space Port East: SPE). In 2019, acquired ground stations for LEO satellites in Hokkaido and Okinawa from PASCO Co., Ltd., and has started the operations as Hokkaido Network Control Center (Space Port North: SPN) and Okinawa Network Control Center (Space Port South: SPS). This is our first step toward consolidating domestic satellite-data receiving services and our remote data sales businesses.

  • LEO Ground Business

Ground Stations

Space Port East (SPE):Ibaraki

Space Port North (SPN):Hokkaido

Space Port South (SPS):Okinawa

Space Port EastSpace Port NorthSpace Port South
Reflector size 3.7m 7.3m 5.5m
Uplink band S-band
Downlink band S-band/X-band
Polarization RHCP or LHCP
Antenna Location 140.37E 141.62E 127.66E
36.53N 42.77N 26.14N

KSAT's Ground Stations

  • Ground station service providers

Since 2017, SKY Perfect JSAT and KSAT, world-leading ground station service providers for LEO satellite operators, have been expanding the business world-wide with strong business partnership.

SKY Perfect JSAT Potentiality in LEO Market

  • Robust customers (incl. government) and partnerships in the satellite telecommunication industries in Japan and Asia/Pacific
  • Professional experience or operating more than 30 satellites
  • Collaboration with a number of teleport operators worldwide
  • Accumulated know-how for obtaining the radio licenses with full knowledge of relevant regulations in Japan

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