Contribution to the SDGs

Through its business, namely, the Space Business that provides infrastructure resilient to disasters and the Media Business that universally delivers diverse content via various devices, the SKY Perfect JSAT Group has been addressing various social issues. Based on the nine important themes (materiality) we identified, we will continue our initiatives to resolve social issues and contribute to realization of a more prosperous society.

Building resilient broadcasting and communications infrastructure, eliminating digital divide

  • 1 No poverty 4 Quality education 7 Affordable and clean energy 8 Decent work and economic growth 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 11 Sustainable cities and communities 12 Responsible consumption, production 13 Climate action 14 Life below water 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

Elimination of the digital divide, taking advantage of characteristics of satellite communication, and utilization of satellite communication in the event of disaster

  • Training in utilizing emergency telecommunications provided by DCOME in November 2017

  • Installing satellite communication antennas in the disaster-affected areas

Through wide coverage, multi-destination distribution, and mobility, satellite communication makes it possible to secure means of communication, including the internet, in areas such as mountainous regions and remote islands where terrestrial lines cannot be installed, with electric power and antenna that are capable of receiving electric waves. Through this system, what was once inconvenient becomes comfortable, and this helps to reduce digital divide among regions. Such merits are not limited in Japan. This expansion of the communication environment contributes to the elimination of disparities in areas such as education, the economy, and technologies in the least developed countries.
Moreover, as satellite communication is not much affected by natural disasters like earth-quake on the Earth and its high-mobility nature, the use of VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal), vehicles with Satellite News Gathering Systems, makes mobile phone services and internet communication available even in disaster-affected areas. Furthermore, satellite communication is useful in the provision of relief and medical care in disaster-affected areas in the recovery phase.
We were rewarded the Resilience Certification (business continuity), a certification provided by Association for resilience Japan based on the Guidelines concerning Certification for Organizations That Contribute to Strengthening National (February 2016, the National Resilience Promotion Office in the Cabinet Secretariat).

Establishment of the Satellite fleet for enhancing the Core Profitability


We successfully launched JCSAT-17 in 2020, and along with Horizons 3e and JCSAT-1C launched from 2018 to 2019, we have completed the introduction of 3 new satellites that will contribute to improving our core profitability.
Of these, Horizons 3e and JCSAT-1C are high-throughput satellites with a communication capacity 10 times or more that of conventional satellites.
We plan to launch our first flexible satellite, Superbird-9, and start the service in 2025.
Going forward, we will continue to enhance our competitiveness in the market by building a fleet system that can respond flexibly to various needs through using new technologies and other means proactively.

Emphasis on expansion of FTTH retransmission service

We provide optical fiber-based retransmission service (FTTH: Fiber To The Home) as well as satellite TV broadcast service. The optical fiber-based retransmission service enables subscribers to view terrestrial TV broadcasts, broadcasting satellite (BS) broadcasts, and SKY PerfecTV! without installing an antenna. Since September 2019, it has become possible to view all channels of new 4K/8K satellite broadcasting, including NHK’s BS8K channel, via our retransmission service. By installing a dedicated adapter, superior picture quality is available without refurbishment of the facilities at home. Our fiber-based retransmission service can cover approximately 34 million households and over 2.5 million households are already subscribing to the service (as of March 31, 2022). We will expand the FTTH retransmission service area to increase the number of subscribing households and also aim to increase the number of subscribers of SKY PerfecTV! via optical fiber.

Distribution of Earthquake Early Warning (alert and forecast) of the Japan Meteorological Agency via satellite

The network constructed via geostationary satellites in circular geosynchronous orbit at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers above the Earth’s equator enables communication even in the event of a disaster on the Earth. SafetyBird, a service for satellite transmission of Earthquake Early Warning, enables warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency to be received even in areas where terrestrial lines are not installed. For example, railway companies have put in place a system that receives Earthquake Early Warning via satellite and automatically notifies train drivers via the train radio system so that the drivers control the train based on their judgment in accordance with the train control standards according to the seismic intensity, such as intensity 5 lower. There is no need to develop a special system because the information received can be converted for transmission to the conventional train radio system. Greater application of SafetyBird is expected, such as linkage with facilities inside train stations, such as the issuing of announcements and elevator control, in addition to train control.

Fully recognizing the roles and responsibilities that we are expected to fulfill during a disaster or emergency, in 2016 we acquired resilience certification*. With the safety and security of our employees and officers and their families as our first priority, we have established the policies of working to prevent secondary disasters, minimizing effects on our stakeholders, and quickly restoring and continuing operations so as to minimize the effect on management. Under this policy, we have predetermined the operations that we will continue to perform during an emergency for each of our business areas, and we are working to develop measures while maintaining a strong awareness of business continuity plan (BCP).

  • Resilience certification (Certification for Organizations That Contribute to Strengthening National Resilience) is based on the notion that "Japan will overcome disasters," which was developed by the National Resilience Promotion Office in the Cabinet Secretariat. Organizations are certified as "Organizations That Contribute to Strengthening National Resilience" after their business continuity initiatives have been screened and evaluated by the Resilience Certification Office.

Improving the richness of life through a diversity of content

  • 3 Good health and well-being 4 Quality education 5 Gender equality  8 Decent work and economic growth 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 10 Reduced inequalities 11 Sustainable cities and communities 12 Responsible consumption, production 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions 17 Partnerships for the goals

Multichannel broadcasting contributes to creation of a society embracing diversity

Our multi-channel satellite broadcasting TV platform, SKY PerfecTV!, offers more than 100 channels. Through diverse channels, including anime, sports, Japanese and foreign movies and drama, hobbies, and news channels, SKY PerfecTV! offers viewers opportunities to get to know diverse cultures and values. In line with the diversification of lifestyles, we offer SKY PerfecTV! via various means, such as satellite, optical fiber, and internet, and for various devices, such as PCs, smartphones, and IPTVs. Subscribers can enjoy SKY PerfecTV! anywhere anytime without device constraints.
Besides, in October 2021 we launched SPOOX, a video distribution service, which offers over 30,000 different content titles.

Parental lock for viewer age restriction

We implement reviews of programs and viewer age restriction to offer a safe viewing experience of our content according to our original appropriate guideline. In addition to in-house program review, we periodically hold meetings of the Broadcast Program Council for which experts from outside the Group are invited and disclose the minutes. Viewer age restriction is set on certain programs in addition to adult content. Parental lock is available for these programs so that subscribers can choose not to show them to children who are at a certain age or below so that the whole family can enjoy our content while according due consideration to sound development of children.

Contribution to distribution services in Japan and overseas by media hub cloud

We have launched an initiative with PLAY, inc., Japan’s largest solution provider of video distribution for media, to realize a business supporting distribution services in Japan and overseas.
Amid the spread of over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services, needs are diversifying. There are content holders wishing to provide their content to service providers, companies wishing to distribute their events via the internet, and stores or other businesses wishing to provide distribution services to their customers. By utilizing SKY Perfect JSAT’s broadcasting facilities and technologies and PLAY’s media cloud, hub functions for video distribution will be provided.
This will make it possible to have a wealth of Japanese and foreign live content, channels, and accompanying metadata in the internet cloud while reducing the workload of both content providers and content distributors, allowing them to handle content without expending time and effort.

  • Media HUB Cloud

Contributing to the environment to make a decarbonized society and recycling-based economy a reality

  • 3 Good health and well-being 6 Clean water and sanitation 7 Affordable and clean energy 8 Decent work and economic growth 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 12 Responsible consumption, production 13 Climate action 14 Life below water 15 Life on land 17 Partnerships for the goals

Conversion of electricity to substantial renewable energy
- Toward the realization of a carbon-free society -

Originally, satellite communication systems enabled communications with just one-third the energy consumption of terrestrial lines, by using solar power generated in space and ensuring energy efficiency at our ground equipment. 

In addition, in order to realize a carbon-free society, we converted all electric powers to substantial renewable energy at “Yokohama Satellite Control Center (YSCC)”*1, “Space Port East(SPE)” *1 in January 2022 and “SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center (TMC)”*2 in November 2022 by revising its electricity purchase agreement. The tenant building where our head office is located also began using renewable electricity in April 2022. 

  • Yokohama Satellite Control Center (YSCC)

    Yokohama Satellite Control Center (YSCC)

  • Space Port East (SPE)

    Space Port East (SPE)

  • SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center (TMC)

    SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center (TMC)

As a result, the ratio of renewable energy consumption over the total energy consumption became approximately 93%*3  in SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation. We provide our services by using these facilities, and it will contribute going green for our customers besides reducing our CO2 emissions.

Our group will continue to work to accelerate our efforts towards realization of decarbonization society by converting electric powers for the remaining facilities to substantial renewable energy and achieve renewable energy consumption ratio of 100% by 2030.

  1. Yokohama Satellite Control Center and Space Port East : Satellite control centers and teleports for Space business as the primary (YSCC) and Sub (SPE) facilities responsible for satellite operations and network monitoring. It operates under a 24-hour, 365-day manned monitoring system.
  2. SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center : Broadcasting and distribution center for media business with television program production facilities with myriad equipment which collects, broadcasts, and delivers contents. It operates under a 24-hour, 365-day manned monitoring system.
  3. Substantial renewable energy consumption ratio is calculated based on the 2021 fiscal year’s power usage usage of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation.

    (Correction) January 21, December Release  ” SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center's electricity power converted to substantial renewable energy  ~Towards realization of decarbonized society~”

    (Correct) SKY Perfect JSAT corporations‘ ratio of renewable energy consumption (Incorrect) SKY Perfect JSAT Group’s ratio of renewable energy consumption

Provision of Safe and Secure Living Spaces through a Combination of Next-generation Wind Turbines and Satellite Communication Services

In a partnership with Challenergy Inc., a company known for wind power generation, SKY Perfect JSAT is conducting collaborative activities aimed at operationalizing services that combine stable wind power generation with satellite communications in digitally divided areas of the world, such as Southeast Asia and Pacific island countries, where both power generation and communication infrastructure are underdeveloped.

The Magnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that Challenergy currently developed has excellent environmental flexibility, with fewer environmental concerns in terms of noise pollution and bird strikes than conventional propeller-type wind turbines, and the capacity to achieve stable power generation both during favorable weather conditions and when there are typhoon-level winds or turbulence. Satellite communication offers the advantage of providing high-level communications service to digitally divided regions, such as remote islands and mountainous regions, and disaster recovery communication platforms for use after a large-scale disaster, and this is expected to be the first technology in the world to succeed in harnessing electric power and communication to help the people living in these areas achieve a more modern way of life, instead of using unstable diesel power generation infrastructure, which is expensive and places a greater burden on the environment.

We began offering this service in the Philippines through InfiniVAN, Inc, a consolidated subsidiary of IPS, Inc., as the first introduction. In the rural areas and islands of the Philippines, there are many areas where high-speed communication networks such as fiber optics are undeveloped. With the spread of online classes and telework on the occasion of the spread of infectious diseases of the new Corona Virus, demand for satellite Internet connection services that can quickly install and use broadband environments is also increasing. Until now, InfiniVAN has expanded its mission-critical communications network for high-capacity Internet services, starting in urban areas in the Philippines. However, the addition of satellite Internet connection services provided by the SKY Perfect JSAT to its service lineup will enable it to meet high-speed Internet demand in wide areas in urban areas and rural areas without the introduction of large-scale facilities such as the construction of mobile base stations.

Improving the environment in space

  • 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 12 Responsible consumption, production

Designing and Developing the World's First Satellite for Removing Space Debris with a Laser

SKY Perfect JSAT has partnered with the RIKEN, Nagoya University and Kyushu University to start the design and development of the world’s first satellite that uses a laser to remove space debris.

This project aiming to maintain a sustainable space environment was implemented under an internal start-up program and preliminary study of potential next-generation businesses started in 2018. Through industry-academia collaboration, the feasibility of the project was researched and examined.

Satellites have been contributing to a safe society and a comfortable life by means of information from space in diverse forms such as weather forecasts, satellite communications, and GPS position information. On the other hand, the number of satellites that are no longer used or no longer functional, rocket parts that were used for launches, and fragments have continued to increase at an accelerating rate. If such debris collides with a satellite in use, the collision may cause trouble or damage the satellite.

This approach involves the application of laser irradiation to space debris, such as nonfunctional satellites, from a distance, which gradually “nudges” the debris toward the atmosphere. When satellites enter the atmosphere, most will burn up while descending, and that enables removal of space debris. The laser method is safe because there is no physical contact. Fuel is not needed to move the space debris since thrust is generated by material vaporization and ionization of the space debris surface. It is not necessary for the laser satellite to carry fuel for moving the space debris, making this method highly economical. Services are scheduled to begin in 2026.

Promoting innovation which contributes to the environment and society

  • 1 No poverty 2 Zero hunger 6 Clean water and sanitation 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 10 Reduced inequalities 11 Sustainable cities and communities 13 Climate action 14 Life below water  15 Life on land 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions 17 Partnerships for the goals

Development of intelligence business

To establish a strong presence in a new growth field, we are developing the intelligence business to provide data analytics services in collaboration with various companies.

Technology for observation from space using images captured by satellites has advanced rapidly, making it possible to gather more precise geographic information. The SKY Perfect JSAT Group provides the Spatio-i information service. Combining such data collected from space with AI analysis customized for application fields, we provide analyzed and processed information to various application fields, such as infrastructure, logistics, shipping, disaster prevention, and agriculture, forestry, and fishery.

For example, swift and highly accurate detection of the extent of landslides or flooding due to torrential rain is available using satellite data and proprietary analysis technology. High demand is expected for this service in Japan because the country is prone to natural disasters. Moreover, through a business partnership with Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., we offer integrated consultation services covering abnormality detection and risk assessment of aged infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, in Japan and overseas.

Creating Methods for Forecasting Solar Power Generation Output

SKY Perfect JSAT and the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) are conducting joint research on a Hybrid Solar Power Generation Output Prediction System utilizing artificial intelligence, satellite images, and the whole-sky images retrieved by integrated ground sensors.

Looking ahead to a decarbonized society, renewable energy is expected to become a major power source. The adoption of solar power generation has been rapidly increasing, and future expansion of its use is attracting attention. Because the output of solar power generation greatly fluctuates with changes in the weather and cloud coverage, the need for high-precision prediction is one of the important issues concerning stable supply of electricity.

SKY Perfect JSAT has been developing the KMOMY, artificial intelligence system for analyzing clouds since 2017, and that has a cloud recognition precision of 85% or higher. Moreover, SKY Perfect JSAT is developing the SolarMi artificial intelligence system for short-term solar radiation prediction by applying the technology of KMOMY.

Tracking cloud movement from cloud images retrieved from both space (via satellite) and the ground (via integrated ground sensors) improves the precision of solar power generation output prediction from several minutes to one hour in the future, which was technically difficult to achieve previously. By combining the technologies of the SoRaFAS system developed by CRIEPI to predict/analyze solar radiation via satellite images, and the short-term prediction system developed by SKY Perfect JSAT that consists of integrated ground sensors, whole-sky image analysis and SolarMi artificial intelligence. CRIEPI and SKY Perfect JSAT plan to systemize this technology and start a solar power generation output prediction service with enhanced short-term prediction in 2022.

(Only available in Japanese) Overview of Sunlight Prediction at the Akagi Testing Center of CRIEPI (Under Development)

Promoting partnerships

  • 4 Quality education 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 17 Partnerships for the goals

NTT and SKY Perfect JSAT Establish Space Compass Corporation
-Aiming for a New Space Integrated Computing Network Business-

There is an urgent need to ensure the sustainability of economic and social activity. This makes it all the more important to effectively and fully utilize stratospheric and near-Earth space for ICT infrastructures. This involves creating ICT infrastructures that support a number of fields, including energy, environment and climate change, disaster prevention, marine infrastructure, and security. In addition, as represented by the ARTEMIS program, public and private sectors in many countries are cooperating to extend human activities not only to near-Earth space, but also to the Moon, Mars, and other bodies.

NTT and us will establish a joint venture as a concrete step in the Space Integrated Computing Network*1 announced in the business alliance in 2021 in order to support the further utilization and expansion of human outer space in the future by leveraging the knowledge gained through many years of technological development and business as a ground-based and space infrastructure company.

The initial business activities to be undertaken are Space data center and Space radio access network (RAN) business. In FY2024, Space Compass will launch an optical data relay service for high-speed transmission to the ground via a geostationary orbit (GEO) satellite. This will carry a vast amount of diverse data collected in space by observation satellites. Existing services, which transmit data directly to ground stations, have communication capacity limits imposed by the use of radio waves as well as limits on the time at which ground stations can communicate with observation satellites. In contrast, optical transmission via a GEO will enable high-capacity, quasi-real-time data transmission. Space Compass will use high altitude platform stations (HAPSs)*5,6 to provide low-latency communication services in Japan in FY2025. HAPSs make it easy to expand communication service coverage to a wider area. Consequently, it is possible to provide highly reliable communication in times of disaster, high-capacity communication for ships and aircraft, and communications services for distant islands and remote areas. Mobile carriers can improve the overall cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of their mobile networks by combining HAPSs with an increase in the number of their terrestrial base stations to expand their service coverage.

By taking on the challenge of creating new infrastructures, starting with the optical and wireless communication network to be built in space and the mobile network to be built in the stratosphere, the joint venture will contribute to the development of the global space industry and the realization of a sustainable society.

  1. Space integrated computing network A new ICT infrastructure in space that integrates HAPSs, geostationary orbit satellites, and low earth orbit satellites, connects them to the ground using an optical wireless network, and enhances various forms of data processing using distributed computing.

Planning joint marketing activities under a partnership agreement with Bundesliga

  • Photo: AFLO

Until now, SKY PerfecTV! has been engaged in the broadcasting and distribution of a large number of sporting contents. However, we have concluded a partnership agreement with Bundesliga for the renewal of broadcasting rights and distribution rights for 5 years from the 20/21 season, including joint sports marketing activities in Japan.

Currently, it has not been realized due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we plan to jointly discover markets and expand business opportunities by communicating the fun of German soccer through pre-season matches and other events by inviting Bundesliga players.

We will also actively contribute to building stronger relationships between Japan and Germany by intermediating collaborations between Bundesliga and domestic companies.

Developing a strong base for management

  • 1 No poverty 5 Gender equality 8 Decent work and economic growth 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 10 Reduced inequalities 11 Sustainable cities and communities 12 Responsible consumption, production 13 Climate action 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

Corporate Governance

As a publicly traded corporation, the Group sees maximizing its corporate value in the capital markets as the primary objective of its corporate governance. To accomplish this objective, we are seeking to establish good relationships with our stakeholders, including our shareholders, the customers, our business partners, our employees, and the communities in which we operate. At the same time, while recognizing the importance of corporate ethics based on legal compliance, we are focusing on making quick management decisions in response to a changing social and economic environment, and improving the soundness of our management, as the most important management challenge.

Since the establishment of the company in April 2007, we have pursued this approach to secure and improve transparency and soundness in our management as a corporate group that provides the highly public services of broadcasting and communications, appointing several outside directors and establishing the Nomination & Remuneration Committee, a voluntary board that acts as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. In FY 2015, we introduced our own criteria for judging independence in addition to the criteria for independent directors prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Nomination & Remuneration Committee in which outside directors constitute a majority is chaired by an outside director and provides suggestions to the Board of Directors on the appointment of directors and officers and determination of remuneration from an independent perspective. In FY 2020, SKY Perfect JSAT introduced a restricted stock compensation system for directors with the aim of providing them with an incentive to continuously improve corporate value and to further promote value sharing with shareholders.

In addition to annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors, objective evaluation using an external evaluation body is conducted every few years in order to enhance the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and improve its operation.

  • Corporate Governance

Risk Management and Information Security Systems for Appropriate Business Execution

To recognize and evaluate risks related to the execution of business comprehensively and conduct appropriate risk management, the Company has established risk management regulations, and to ensure the effectiveness of these, we have established the Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by the Chief Risk Management Officer. The Risk Management Committee determines risk management policies, evaluates risks, and examines matters such as risk prevention measures while strengthening the overall risk management system through verification of individual matters. The Chief Risk Management Officer reports to the Board of Directors on risk management and other matters as necessary.

As well as establishing a Security Policy to maintain information security and a Privacy Policy to protect personal information, the Company has set up an Information Security Management Committee and a Personal Information Management Committee, both chaired by the Chief Information Management Officer, to ensure appropriate and effective management in each area. We have also appointed Information Security Management Officers at each of our Group companies and are implementing thorough training in information management for all Group employees and contractors.

In response to a recent increase in cyberattacks on internal information systems, including unauthorized access through the Internet and “targeted attacks” through the introduction of malware, and in view of the promotion of work from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have established a Computer Security Incident Report Response Team (CSIRT) as part of our system for strengthening security measures for the websites providing internal systems and services and for preventing the spread of damage from such attacks.

Activities by a diverse array of people

  • 3 Good health and well-being 4 Quality education 5 Gender equality  8 Decent work and economic growth 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 10 Reduced inequalities 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

Support for career development

SKY Perfect JSAT has a career development system in place to encourage individual employees to take the initiative in developing their careers. Through career development interviews with superiors, employees clarify their own skill development and future career image. We have also established a career counselor system under which qualified career consultants provide individual career counseling.

We also provide training according to positions and support employees’ self-motivated study. On joining the company, new recruits receive training for new employees. Subsequently, they receive training according to positions in their third, fifth, and eleventh years. In this way, we provide employees with opportunities to improve skills on a regular basis. In order to draw out and maximize the abilities of each and every employee, we hold training sessions for managers that are designed to improve their communication skills and strengthen management capabilities so as to draw out individual strengths.

As a means of basic skill development, we have established a system to support employees’ self-development, such as by subsidizing 50 to 70% of the cost in the form of an employee self-development subsidy. We also provide examination fees and rewards related to TOEIC and obtaining company-designated qualifications. Aiming to nurture future executive candidates with high-level expertise and global awareness, we offer an overseas graduate study program for young and mid-career employees. Internal recruitment takes place, and those qualified are sent to graduate schools abroad.

  • Training Program Structure

Diverse work styles

Following the “Working Style Reform Realization Meeting” proposed by the Cabinet Office, SKY Perfect JSAT has positioned improvement of productivity of each employee as an important theme and is facilitating a flexible work style as means to realize this. We aim to enhance the autonomy, self-motivation and work-life balance of each employee. We have introduced a teleworking system to broaden the work-style choices available to our employees.

The spread of COVID-19 prompted the SKY Perfect JSAT Group to review its operational system based on the business continuity plan (BCP) prior to the Japanese government’s declaration of a state of emergency in April 2020 and to introduce work from home for all its officers and employees, in principle. Our initiatives for diversification and improvement of work styles were recognized and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation was included among the 100 Telework Pioneers for fiscal 2020 commended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. While new lifestyles are becoming the norm amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuously reviewing our personnel system, including abolition of residential restrictions and easing of the conditions for side business so as to enable diverse work styles unconstrained by time and location and further improve productivity.

SKY Perfect JSAT is implementing its General Employer Action Plan formulated in accordance with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. In 2013, as a result of our efforts such as the promotion of child care leave for male employees, we were certified as a business operator that conforms to the Tokyo Labor Bureau standards, and were awarded the “Kurumin Mark,” a certification provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) in recognition of the above efforts. We continue to be actively involved in supporting the raising of the next generation of children.

Moreover, to further promote female empowerment, SKY Perfect JSAT has established a General Employer Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (the Act), which came into force in April 2016. We have enhanced the provision of career development support to those employees returning from maternity or child care leave. Additionally, in response to revisions in the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act in 2017, we established the Child Care Leave Regulation and Family Care Leave Regulation. We are creating an environment in which employees can fully demonstrate their abilities, balancing work and family while raising children and providing nursing care. The return rate from childcare leave is 100%. Furthermore, in order to create an environment that makes it easier for employees returning to work to overcome time constraints, we expanded measures such as short working hours for parents and subsidizing babysitting usage fees.

As a result of these efforts, in November 2022, we acquired the highest ranking of 3-star "Eruboshi" certification under the Act. "Erubushi" is a program in which MHLW certifies companies that are outstanding initiatives to promote the active participation of women. We meet all five evaluation criteria: recruitment, continued employment, working hours and other working styles, ratio of managers, and diverse career courses.

Regional and community development

  • 1 No poverty 3 Good health and well-being 4 Quality education 8 Decent work and economic growth 9 ndustry, innovation, infrastructure 10 Reduced inequalities 11 Sustainable cities and communities 12 Responsible consumption, production  17 Partnerships for the goals

Contribution to Improving Educational Environments in Southeast Asia

This project is a social contribution program that supports education in Southeast Asia through our business activities. Since 2015, we have been participating in the construction of schools through the World TERAKOYA Movement (WTM) conducted by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan. The first "SKY Perfect JSAT School" was opened in Snuol Commune, Kralanh District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia in 2020. (TERAKOYA = CLC: Community Learning Center)

In 2021, we donated soccer goods and stationery with the support of our partner, Bundesliga. Soccer is a very popular sport in Cambodia, but most children do not have a ball and shoes, and opportunity to play soccer is limited. This time, lesson on dribbling and passing the ball was hold. The school was filled with the loud cheers by children.

We will continue to contribute to the community and create opportunities for the next generation of children to enjoy and love sports.

Initiatives for Nurturing the Next Generation

  • Exhibition

Aiming to foster human resources with an inquiring spirit and excellent creativity to take on challenges in unknown fields, we share the values that animate the activities of "Science Koshien" (a national tournament organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency), where junior and senior high school students from all over Japan represent their prefectures and compete in applying the scientific method and skills. As a collaborative partner, we have been supporting this competition since 2016 as part of our next-generation development project.

In practical competitions during the tournament, prefectural representatives who have presented outstanding handicraft designs receive the SKY Perfect JSAT Award.

In the years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, after the competition, we held an exhibition entitled "Let's Learn about Work of Satellites." Officers and employees served as instructors. Through the "Work" of SKY Perfect JSAT, we also provided career education support to broaden the future horizons of students and their views on occupations, including quizzes and on issues related to the mechanism of satellites and space.

To encourage children to eventually pursue careers in scientific fields, such as space and broadcasting & communication, we periodically contribute articles to science magazines for children and welcome field trips by elementary school and junior high school children to our facilities for social science studies. By contributing to the development of inquisitive and creative people with the spirit to tackle new fields, we hope to spur further development of fields related to our business.

“Satellite Crayon Project” 「Crayon of the Sea 」 with Satellite Images

On January 31, 2022, we launched “Crayon of the Sea” as the first project for a "Satellite Crayon Project" utilizing satellite images.

  • Satellite Crayon Project

Based on satellite images taken from space, color was extracted from actual seas at 12 locations around the world. Through trial and error together with Crayon artisans, we faithfully replicate the color of the sea in satellite images to details. Through satellite images, we want to convey the richness of the Earth's "colors" to more children. We want children to enjoy the "colors" of the actual Earth as they think. We want them to be interested in and like the Earth. The "Crayon of the Sea" was born with this thought in mind.
When the middle cover is opened, the QR code is written along with the idea incorporated in this crayon, and when you read the QR code, you move to the official website. On our official website, you can see 12 satellite photographs and explanations that are based on the color of this crayon. It is also a device to learn about environmental issues that are connected by color and the mysteries of the earth, such as why the oceans of the countries of the world are becoming such colors, and the challenges that the earth is facing, as well as the issues that Greenland and Kiribati are facing as a result of global warming.
Product gives top priority to the safety of small children, and in the unlikely event that this crayon is put into an outlet, we carefully select and use all natural-derived materials, such as tuna, vegetable oils and fats, and pigments that conform to the Toy Safety Standard (EN71 Part3 2013). These materials are environmentally friendly as well as environmentally friendly, and can be used with peace of mind by children.

A portion of the sales will be donated to the Republic of Kiribati, which is facing a crisis of rising sea levels, and will be used as a natural disaster fund to respond to damage caused by climate change.

Shiohama Terrace Opened in the Toyo and Shinsuna Districts of Koto Ward, Tokyo
— Collaboration between the Local Town Assemblies, Administrative Agencies,
and Local Businesses to Create a Vibrant Public Space along the Canal

Shiohama Terrace is a wooden deck that serves as a public space overlooking the water flowing through Shiohama Canal. The waterfront along the canal, which is right in front of the SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center, lacked a space where people can rest and relax, enjoying the view of the water. To create such a space, we converted part of a park by the canal into Shiohama Terrace.
IHI, SKY Perfect JSAT, and Takenaka Corporation as members of the Toyo-Shinsuna Canal Renaissance Council led the project to build the terrace. We cooperated with the local town assemblies, local businesses in different councils, administrative agencies, and other relevant bodies in unleashing the canal’s potential to create a vibrant public space on the waterfront that will contribute to disaster prevention and people’s good health.

The Terrace opened in July 2020. The waterfront in Koto spans as long as 30 km, which is longest of all its counterparts across the wards in Tokyo. We will continue our contributions to local community development that fully harnesses the rich water and greenery as local resources in order to create areas where people comfortably live and work.