Promotion System

Sustainability Governance

The SKY Perfect JSAT Group has constructed a sustainability governance system led by the Sustainability Committee. The Sustainability Committee formulates overall policies and goals regarding sustainability, ascertains and evaluates measures related to sustainability, and reports on the status of activities to the Management Committee and Board of Directors. The Sustainability Committee consults with the Board of Directors on important matters. After deliberation by directors, matters are approved.
In regard to sustainability risks and opportunities, the Sustainability Department, which is responsible for formulating strategies and implementation plans to realize materialities, fulfills a leading role in working together with related departments to identify, evaluate, consider and implement measures. In particular, the Environmental Conservation Committee is responsible for realizing materialities related to the environment, including climate change. These organizations work on sustainability governance in cooperation with each unit and Group company.
The contents of discussion at the Sustainability Committee are regularly reported to the Board of Directors by the Director in Charge of Corporate Administration (the chair of the Sustainability Committee) to ensure appropriate supervision by the Board of Directors.

System Diagram

Please refer to the link below for our governance system in regard to climate change.

Please refer to the link below for our corporate governance system.

Risk Management

At the SKY Perfect JSAT Group, the Risk Management Committee (meetings held at least twice a year) considers risks related to sustainability, appropriately manages various risks surrounding our business, and works to prevent and reduce risks.

Policy Framework

Under ”Space for your Smile”, which is both Group mission and a sustainability policy, we have established various policies.
In fiscal 2023, we formulated "Basic Environmental Policy," "Human Rights Policy," and "Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy," which demonstrate our stance toward the realization of a sustainable society.
In order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, we have established "Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct " and we will thoroughly disseminate and encourage compliance throughout the company based on our compliance program.

Policy Framework Policy Framework

Instilling Sustainability at Our Company

In promoting sustainability activities, the SKY Perfect JSAT Group believes that it is important to spread awareness among our organizations and employees. Therefore, we implement measures such as holding sustainability lectures and seminars for officers and employees, and publishing internal newsletters.

Sutainability Training Record

We have held internal sustainability trainings since fiscal 2022.

Fisical Year Training Title Applicable Employees Theme
FY2023 Training on the Establishment of "Human Rights Policy/Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy", and "Revision of Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct" Group officers and employees ・Dissemination of "Human Rights Policy/Anti-Bribery" and "Group Corruption Prevention Policy" and case studies in business context
・Promotion of awareness of "Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct" reflecting "Human Rights Policy/Anti-Bribery and Corruption Prevention Policy"
FY2023 Explanation Meeting on Survey Based on Supplier Sustainability Guidelines Managers above general manager and purchasing cordinators conducting the sustainability survey of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation ・Explanation of the survey for assessment with major business partners
・Guidelines will be published in both Japanese and English versions
FY2022 Industrial Waste Management Training Employees of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation ・Understanding of regulations and proper handling of industrial waste

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Holding Sustainability Lectures
and Workshops

We have held internal sustainability lectures, workshops, and other events since fiscal 2020.

Fiscal Year Theme
FY2023 ・Lecture by an expert on “Human Capital and Climate Change Response” (for officers and employees)
・Lecture and workshop on “Social Issues as a Basis for Creating New Business”
FY2022 ・Seminars by partner companies (multiple times)
・Lecture by expert on “Global Sustainability Initiatives”
FY2021 ・Lecture by expert on the theme of “How to Become an SDGs Advanced Company”
FY2020 ・E-learning on “Overall SDGs”
・Workshop on “Creating New Businesses”
・Workshop on “Formulating Materialities” (for officers)

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In July 2023, we invited Yutaka Hara, Executive Officer of Members Co., Ltd., to give a lecture on new business ideas based on sustainability. Mr. Hara is one of the first people to advocate that “sustainability is a business opportunity” and has published books on the topic of sustainability. Following the lecture, we held a workshop in August 2023 for experiencing the method known as “Futures Design.”

Dissemination of Information by Company Newsletter

We have used our company newsletter to disseminate information since fiscal 2015.

Fiscal Year Main Theme
FY2023 ・Learn About Sustainability!
・Future Stories
FY2022 ・Report on activities in the Southeast Asia Education Support Project
・Report on activities by volunteer employees
・Learn About Sustainability! (basic information on sustainability)
・Future Stories (in-house interviews focusing on materialities with the theme of linking sustainability and business operations)
FY2021 ・Crayons of the Sea
・Formulation of Sustainability Policy
・Report on activities in the Southeast Asia Education Support Project
・Report on activities by volunteer employees
FY2020 ・Open report on the Shiohama Canal Project “Shiohama Terrace”
・Report on activities in the Southeast Asia Education Support Project
FY2019 ・Report on SDGs events
・Report on participating in COP25
FY2018 ・Report on activities in the Southeast Asia Education Support Project
FY2017 ・Report on activities in the Southeast Asia Education Support Project
FY2016 ・Report on activities in the Southeast Asia Education Support Project
FY2015 ・Report on activities in the Southeast Asia Education Support Project

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