Satellite Control Facilities

Teleport / Ground Facilities

  • Ground station at Ibaraki Network Control Center

We operate six bases in Japan. In addition to facilities for satellite operations and transponder monitoring, we have ground facilities for our VSAT service, video contribution/distribution and earth observation satellite, as well as co-location services for customer facilities.
We have a team of experts available 24 hours a day to maintain these facilities, provide customer support and program management, and continue to provide highly reliable services.

Satellite Control Centers

  • Satellite Control Centers

Satellite Operations:

24/7 Monitoring and control of operational status and orbital location of the satellites.

Network Monitoring:

24/7 Spectrum monitoring of satellite transponders to ensure stable communications links.

Role of Satellite Control Centers

Satellite Control and Network Operations. We conduct round-the-clock monitoring and control of JSAT satellites to secure reliable services.

1. Satellite Control Operations

Satellite control operations include monitoring of our fleet’s operational status and controlling of each satellite’s orbital position and attitude. The temperature, voltage and current in all parts of the spacecraft are carefully monitored to ensure optimal performance. All geo-stationary satellites tend to drift slightly due to the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon as well as other sources. In order to maintain a satellite at its intended location, we carry out constant monitoring, commonly known as “ranging” (a measurement of distance from the earth to satellite). When the satellite drifts near our preset limits, the control center will commence “station-keeping maneuvers“ (by firing the small thrusters on board of the satellite) to return the spacecraft back to its intended location.

  • Satellite Control Operations

2. Network Operations

Network operations provide 24/7 customer support by monitoring the status of our satellite networks and conducting Uplink Access Test (UAT) in conjunction with customers for satellite access. We also provide trouble-shooting support and implement thorough interference management in order to maintain the highest quality in our satellite services.

  • Network Operations

Satellite Operation Service

To launch a successful satellite business, you would need highly experienced satellite operations staff. We can offer quality in-orbit satellite operations proved by more than 30 satellites and over 30 years experience and expertise as the leading satellite operator in Asia/Pacific region. As your ideal Satellite Operations Partner, we have any solutions for your needs.

LEO Ground Stations

  • Ground station for LEO satellites at Ibaraki Network Control Center

We have strategically expanded its LEO satellite ground station network to tap into the burgeoning Asia-Pacific LEO market with a focus on leveraging its GEO satellite fleet and decades of operational expertise. The Ibaraki Network Control Center (Space Port East: SPE), inaugurated in 2017, marked the beginning of this expansion. This was followed by a significant enhancement in 2019 with the acquisition of two additional LEO satellite ground stations in Hokkaido (Space Port North: SPN) and Okinawa (Space Port South: SPS).

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