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Enable Successful Satellite Program with SKY Perfect JSAT, Satellite Operations Partner

To launch a successful satellite business, you would need highly experienced satellite operations staff. We can offer quality in-orbit satellite operations proved by more than 30 satellites and over 30 years experience and expertise as the leading satellite operator in Asia/Pacific region. As your ideal Satellite Operations Partner, we have any solutions for your needs.

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    Satellite Monitor & Control Services

    Provide in-orbit Satellite Monitoring and Control Services by SKY Perfect JSAT.

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    Satellite Operations Consulting

    Provide various solutions for satellite operations, such as ground control system installation, operational preparation and complex operational support for in-orbit satellite.

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    Pseudo multi-Station Ranging System (PSRS)

    By using a proprietary GEO satellite ranging system (PSRS), the ranging is achieved at a much lower cost and with enough accuracy.

Satellite Monitor & Control Services
In-orbit Satellite Operations and Tracking, Telemetry and Command Services


SKY Perfect JSAT assures the highest level of service and reliability for your various applications.
Our highly experienced Satellite Operations team will offer continuous satellite operations, monitoring and control with a focus on satellite health management and performance, payload management, and reconfiguration.

Brief History of Our Satellite Operations

We have 30+ years of experience flying and operating over 30 satellites with 11 different BUSes from 6 different satellite manufactures since 1989. There are currently 17 in-orbit operational satellites. (as of November 2021)

  • Brief History of Our Satellite Operationsの図

    As of November, 2021

    34 GEO satellites have been operated by SKY Perfect JSAT
    These GEO satellites has been operated for cumulative 320 years.

Experience in providing Satellite Monitor & Control Services

Wideband InterNetworking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite "KIZUNA"(WINDS)

  • Credit: JAXA

Kacific1 High Throughput Satellite

  • Credit: Boeing

Optical Data Relay Satellite (JDRS-1)

  • Credit: JAXA

Engineering Test Satellite (ETS-9)

  • Credit: JAXA
    Planned to be launched in 2023

Mobile Broadcasting Satellite(MBSat)
Defense Communication Satellite “Kirameki-1” ”Kirameki-2”

Satellite Operation Consulting


We support the missions required for ground control, such as building and maintaining satellite control systems and preparing for operations. We also provide various solutions for satellite operations, from preparation for the start of satellite service (service in) to support for missions that end satellite service (reorbit).

Case in providing Satellite Operations Consulting

  • Satellite operations preparation support
    • Training programs for satellite operations
    • Ground control system implementation support*
  • Satellite Operations Support
    • Satellite telemetry data analysis and anomaly resolution
    • GEO satellite relocation operations support
    • GEO satellite reorbit operations support
    • Flight dynamics data analysis and optimization support
  • Our satellite control system introduces a virtual environment that improves hardware maintainability, expandability, and space saving, and flexibly responds to the diversification of satellite buses. We support efficient introduction of the control system based on practical experience.

Pseudo multi-Station Ranging System (PSRS)


Since geostationary satellites gradually deviate from the geostationary orbit due to the perturbating forces caused by sun and moon gravity and nonspherical shape of the Earth etc., periodic orbit adjustments are necessary. Specifically, orbit control maneuvers are performed by the chemical/electrical propulsion system based on the orbit determination of the satellite. To perform the orbit determination, a ranging system is used to measure the distance and angles from the antenna on the ground to the satellite. In general, trying to implement a ranging system to estimate the satellite's orbit with the required accuracy using conventional technology tends to be expensive because it requires multiple T&C ranging systems that can send and receive signals.
SKY Perfect JSAT has developed the Pseudo multi-Station Ranging System (PSRS), which is based on the technology used for VLBI, and has made it possible to realize a much lower cost ranging system compared to conventional systems by using received only antenna.
Please consider introducing PSRS to your ranging system.

  • Overviewの図

PSRS works with combination of an existing T&C ranging system.

  1. Take a one way range between site A and satellite by the existing T&C ranging.(Ra)
  2. Measure time difference of receiving downlink signals from satellite between Site A and Site B using very accurate clocks.
  3. Obtain the range between site B and the satellite. (Rb = Ra + ΔR).
  4. The position of the satellite is calculated from Ra and Rb.


  • PSRS brings enough accuracy and significant cost savings by VLBI technology. 
  • In terms of ranging accuracy, PSRS much better than single T&C ranging and is nearly equivalent to dual station T&C ranging.
  • With PSRS, is will be possible to replace an expensive mono-pulse antenna in a cheap step tracking or fixed antenna without degradation of Orbit Determination accuracy.

Case Study

  • PSRS has been used in more than 10 of our satellites and installed in other satellites using our Satellite Monitoring & Control Services.

Patent Information

  • Japanese Patent / Patent No.: 5450790
  • United States Patent / Patent No.: US 9,638,785 B2
  • Hong Kong Patent / Patent No.: HK1177638

Kacific is a next-generation broadband satellite operator committed to providing universal, fast, high-quality broadband access at an affordable cost using robust technologies and an agile business model,making a rapid and lasting difference to the people of South East Asia and the Pacific.

Kacific1, our successful joint project with JCSAT-1C (JCSAT-18).(Case study of Satellite M&C Services)

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group

Kacific 1 / JCSAT-1C (JCSAT-18) is a joint high-throughput communication satellite of Kacific Broadband Satellites Pte Ltd, Singapore, and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation.

Kacific 1 is designed to deliver uncontended broadband throughput via 56 Ka-band narrow beams, each having a capacity up to 1.25 Gbps, with the highest signal power ever achieved in the region.

The beams are selectively tailored to cover precise pockets of demand in a geographically dispersed footprint of 25 Pacific and South East Asian nations, helping Kacific drive connectivity into unserved and underserved communities in Asia Pacific.

Wide reaching coverage extending over 25 countries in Asia Pacific.

Users Voice

We are pleased to work in partnership with SKY Perfect JSAT, a leading satellite communication company and highly recognised organisation. The skills and expertise JSAT brought allowed us to deliver a world class service through our satellite assets and advance the global broadband infrastructure.

Thank you for your interest in SKY Perfect JSAT.
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