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Future Stories Vol. 8
The Media HUB Business

The Future Vision of Downstream Div.

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“Future Stories” is a series in which we interview Group employees about initiatives that will lead to a future with Space for your Smile.

In this volume, we spoke with two members working on the Media HUB Business developing efficient video distributing solutions. The Media HUB Business utilizes SKY PerfecTV!'s video distributing infrastructure to efficiently deliver video content.
Through the provision of platforms and services for real-time dissemination of various content, the initiative aims to realize a richer way of life.

―――Interview members

From left: Funahara, Ukai

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Media Business Unit, Media Engineering Group,
Downstream Division
Toru Ukai (General Manager)
SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Media Business Unit, Media Engineering Group,
Downstream Division
Karin Funahara

Value that can be provided by the Media HUB Business

―――Could you tell us about the Media HUB Business and the vision for the future?

Ukai: First, let me explain the Media HUB Business concisely. We process the signals for materials such as content (programs) gathered at the SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center, and branch and transmit them as needed for various purposes. The Media HUB has been built mainly on hardware since the late 1990s, and the SKY Perfect JSAT aims to transform it into an even more efficient and stable service by utilizing the cloud.

―――What kind of value could it be provided to society?

Ukai: We believe that our service can provide "added value to live broadcasts" by using the network to provide information nationwide in real-time. If we can solve the challenges of customers who want to broadcast information live and deliver useful information to their customers, that would be ideal. We aim to establish a system that can provide high-quality, confidential services at a low cost.

―――What specific applications are envisioned?

Funahara: For example, events held at shopping centers can be displayed on signage in other stores across the country. In the fields of education and healthcare, live videos of lectures or treatments by renowned professionals can be broadcasted to people in other locations. In retail stores, real-time information can be displayed on monitors at all stores, leveraging the immediacy of live streaming.

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―――As one of group’s materialities, we have ' Promotion of content distribution by supporting entry of diverse content holders.' How do you perceive the relationship with the Media HUB Business?"

Funahara: Well, from the perspective of content holders, I believe we contribute to providing diverse content because by simply going through our company, they can distribute content to various places, and from the perspective of service users, they can access a variety of content at once.

Ukai: What I think is, considering SKY Perfect JSAT as a company that provides platforms, we stand behind various social infrastructures, so I believe there is potential for even broader contributions. The Media HUB Business provides an environment where content can be disseminated. When we think of "content" to be disseminated, TV programs are often the first thing that comes to mind, but it includes information about products, data, and everything else. Service users can disseminate various "content," and by doing so, I think they bring value that enriches individual lives, businesses, and society as a whole.

Contribution to the environment

―――Can the Media HUB Business also have a positive impact on the environment?

Funahara: We believe that the Media HUB Business can contribute to reducing environmental burdens and improving energy efficiency. The Media HUB Cloud is a service that utilizes the cloud infrastructure used for SPOOX and program delivery at SKY PerfecTV!. By using the Media HUB cloud, there is no need for on-premises equipment, resulting in fewer new hardware manufacturing processes, which we believe is environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, instead of each content holder preparing their own distribution environment, using our service for collective distribution can lead to more efficient use of server and resource usage for both customers and us.

Future initiatives and challenges

Could you tell us about the current challenges?

Funahara: Recently, an article about services supporting video distribution for companies was published in the Nikkei newspaper, and we also issued a press release (as below). Our service is often perceived to have high usage fees, but we have set gentle pricing. First, we would like to raise awareness among many people about the services we offer and their value.

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(Interview held on November 10, 2023)

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