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SKY Perfect JSAT Group Space Business

In 1989, the SKY Perfect JSAT Group successfully launched Japan’s first private-sector satellite into a geostationary orbit slot. Since then, we have used space to provide a variety of new value. For example, our satellite communication services are used at disaster sites as a means of live video broadcasting and emergency communication, our satellite-based multichannel pay TV service provides a variety of content by dramatically increasing the number of TV broadcast channels, and our satellite internet service that enables Wi-Fi usage and social media posts from ships at sea and aircraft in flight.
Currently, we are expanding this field not only to geostationary orbit slots, but also to various altitudes such as low orbit and the stratosphere. Through these efforts, we are collecting data on the natural environment (climate change, etc.) and conducting observations for disaster prevention from space. Furthermore, in order to make more effective use of space in the future, we are also conducting research and development on space debris removal technology.

Japan Space Business Started by JCSAT-1

Japan Space Business Started by JCSAT-1

JCSAT-1, our first satellite, was a cylindrical satellite known as “a spin-type satellite.” This type is rarely seen nowadays. The main uses of our satellite communications, which was Japan’s first space business, were video relay services and the construction of emergency communication networks for response to disaster. The start of satellite communications made video communications possible for companies other than TV stations. Satellite communications began to be used for live satellite broadcasting of events and satellite cram schools.
Until its operation ended in 1998, JCSAT-1 demonstrated its capabilities in relief operations for disasters such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

SKY PerfecTV! is a Broadcasting Service Powered by Space Solar Power

SKY PerfecTV! is a Broadcasting Service Powered by Space Solar Power

The history of the satellite-based multichannel pay TV service SKY PerfecTV! dates back to its predecessor, analog CS broadcasting, which began in 1992. Satellite broadcasting is an extremely ecological means of broadcasting that uses electricity generated by sunlight in space to broadcast hundreds of TV channels throughout Japan. The SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center, which transmits data to satellites, is also run entirely on electricity derived from substantial renewable energy.

Providing Constant Connection Anytime and Anywhere

Providing Constant Connection Anytime and Anywhere

When we first began providing satellite internet services, we achieved speeds more than 10 times faster than those available using telephone lines at the time. This paved the way for high-capacity communications which led to the online video business.
Today, with the spread of smartphones and IoT infrastructure, we have become a society that requires access to the internet anytime and anywhere. Satellite communications connect the internet to ships far away from land and aircraft flying at high speed in the sky, which are location where it had been difficult to connect to the internet. In this way, satellite communications support an increasingly sophisticated society based on information.

Embracing the Challenge of Solving New Problems from Various Altitudes (Photograph provided by iQPS Inc.)

Embracing the Challenge of Solving New Problems from Various Altitudes

With the increasing sophistication of information society, information has come to have the same value as food and resources. We are taking on a variety of challenges by leveraging the technology and know-how we have cultivated over the years. We aim to contribute to a safe and secure society by collecting, analyzing, and providing new information at all heights and in all spaces, including low orbit and the stratosphere.
We are also taking the initiative in addressing the issue of space debris, which could become a major hindrance to the utilization of space.

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Space and Sustainability
as Viewed by the SKY Perfect JSAT Group

Continuing to support connectivity from space
To date, the SKY Perfect JSAT Group has undertaken a variety of initiatives to provide the necessary “connectivity” anytime and anywhere through communications and broadcasting using satellites in geostationary orbit. Our activities have contributed to rectifying the information gap between urban areas and remote mountainous islands, building resilient regional infrastructure that is resistant to disasters, and supporting diverse values through a wide variety of content. Never satisfied with the status quo, we will continue to improve and evolve these activities with an eye to the future.

Supporting a safe and secure society from space
The SKY Perfect JSAT Group aims to build a space computing network consisting of multiple orbital altitudes by actively employing the Space Business know-how and management resources that we have cultivated over the years, as well as new technology. We believe that this space computing network will strengthen and expand connections between people, and will contribute to solving many social issues while providing new perspectives from all altitudes to combat climate change, promote renewable energy, conserve oceans and marine resources, protect forests and terrestrial ecosystems, and realize sustainable agriculture.

Working on the sustainable use of space
As the space business grows, there are concerns that space debris generated due to various reasons will impede the safe use of space. We will continue to contribute to the future of healthy space utilization by developing satellites that remove space debris.

As a pioneer in the space business, the SKY Perfect JSAT Group will continue to embrace the challenge of realizing a sustainable society and space.

Space Integrated Computing Network

Materialities related to Space

The SKY Perfect JSAT Group has established materialities in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society from space.

We will contribute to a sustainable society from space


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