Top Commitment

Contributing to sustainable development of society
through sustainability management
to fulfill our mission “Space for your Smile”

Kiyohiro Omatsuzawa
Chairman, Sustainability Committee
Board Director, Responsible for Corporate Planning, Chief Information Security Officer, SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc.
Board Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Unit President of Corporate Planning & Strategy Unit, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

Strengthen SDG Initiatives to Realize Sustainability Management

Under the group mission “Space for your Smile” established in 2018, the SKY Perfect JSAT Group has been pursuing sustainable growth as an enterprise that will continue to be needed by its stakeholders and society. The Group announced its commitment to further strengthening initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its pursuit of sustainability management with which the Group remains needed by society and continues to grow sustainably.

The Group, with its Space and Media Businesses, has a great responsibility to provide a broadcasting platform and communication infrastructure using satellites. By offering broadcasting and data services from space to areas where terrestrial communication and broadcasting lines cannot reach and providing infrastructure resilient to disasters, we are contributing to business continuity plan (BCP) of governments and companies and we take pride in that. Making people’s lives better through business accords with the philosophy of the SDGs. While strengthening SDG initiatives, we will also pursue sustainable growth.

Contribute to a Sustainable Society while Responding to Large Change in Society

SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc., our predecessor, was established in April 2007 through vertical integration of JSAT Corporation in the satellite communication business and SKY Perfect Communications Inc. in the satellite broadcasting business, taking the opportunity of the deregulation of the telecommunications sector. The business environment in which we operate greatly changed in the last 10 years and so has the role we are expected to play.

In the Space Business, demand for satellite communication services for mobility communications is surging. In addition, the buds of new space businesses are appearing, such as utilization of analysis of images and data captured by low earth orbit satellites and services contribute to improvement of the business environment for renewable energy, which will play a major role in Japan’s power infrastructure, going forward. For example, forecast of solar irradiance for photovoltaic power generation and communication system for offshore wind power generation.

In the Media Business, in addition to satellite broadcasting, we offer optical fiber-based retransmission services for terrestrial TV programs and on-demand services and have continued to achieve growth through the pursuit of upgrades of broadcasting. There are increasing needs for high-quality diverse content for subscribers who are spending more time at home because of restrictions on outings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corporate governance is of prime importance as we provide broadcasting and communication services, which are highly public in nature. As well as ensuring management transparency, we are enhancing systems for appropriate business execution including risk management, information security, and protection of personal information, thereby meeting the requirements and expectations of society.

Reflecting the Nine Materiality Themes in Business and Management

In these circumstances, we considered which social issues we should address as a Group engaged in Space and Media Businesses based on the SDGs and identified nine important themes (materiality). Through the process of identifying materiality, we recognized afresh that our group mission “Space for your Smile” has a strong link with the SDGs and the Group’s businesses can contribute to society in many aspects, much more than we were aware of previously.

Our first theme is “Building resilient broadcasting and communications infrastructure, eliminating digital divide.” We can address this theme by capitalizing on the strengths shared by the Space Business and the Media Business. By providing a broadcasting platform and communication infrastructure using satellites, we can deliver broadcasting and information to locations where terrestrial lines are unavailable not only in Japan but also overseas. Moreover, the provision of infrastructure resilient to disasters is contributing to business continuity plan (BCP) of governments and companies.

“Improving the richness of life through a diversity of content” is another important theme to be addressed by the Group. We believe diverse content delivered by SKY PerfecTV! enriches people’s minds and nurtures cultural diversity, thereby contributing to a sustainable society. Meanwhile, we recognize it is our social responsibility to implement reviews of programs, taking into consideration human rights, violence, discrimination, and other factors, in order to ensure that subscribers can enjoy our content with peace of mind.

Other themes identified, including “Activities by a diverse array of people,” “Regional and community development,” and “Promoting partnerships,” clarify our contribution to society in many aspects. On the other hand, we have also recognized that our stakeholders have high expectations of our contribution in terms of environmental aspects.

Regarding the third theme “Contributing to the environment to make a decarbonized society and recycling-based economy a reality,” satellites run on renewable energy because they generate electricity using solar power in space. On the other hand, broadcasting centers and other terrestrial facilities need to further reduce their environmental impacts by replacing existing facilities with ones offering improved power efficiency and thermal efficiency, shifting to use of green power, and introducing facilities with long lives.

In addition, “Developing a strong base for management,” “Improving the environment in space,” and “Promoting innovation which contributes to the environment and society” are identified as important themes. Following the identification of the themes to be addressed, we will set goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) and reflect them in the action plans of the Group’s individual organizations. Setting goals and KPIs is the start of a process. We will refine them through the implementation of the plan-do-check-action (PDCA) cycle, responding to change in the internal and external environment. Management will closely monitor implementation.

Our Unlimited Vision, Your Practical Value.
Every “Space” is Our Business Field

For us at SKY Perfect JSAT, every “space” is our business field. With “Our Unlimited Vision, Your Practical Value.” brand tagline, we are striving to offer practical value reflecting our unlimited vision.

By fulfilling our mission “Space for your Smile,” we wish to help realize a world where uncertainty turns to peace of mind, difficulty turns to ease, and interest turns to passion, and make everyone happy. Engaging in sustainability management not only leads to our contribution to resolving various social issues but also enables us to identify opportunities for new businesses and chart our course for the Group’s sustainable growth over the next 10 years, 20 years or far into the future. We are committed to contributing to sustainable development of society through sustainability management.