Group Mission

Since its foundation in 1985 following the deregulation of the telecommunications sector, we have created new businesses and services as a pioneer in satellite communications and digital multichannel broadcasting.
Subsequently, through the merger of SKY Perfect Communications Inc. and JSAT Corporation in 2007 followed by the acquisition of Space Communications Corporation in 2008, SKY Perfect JSAT Group has become one of the largest providers of multichannel pay TV broadcast services in Japan, operating the largest satellite communications business in Asia.
In recent years, online video distribution services have sprung up while the pay broadcasting market has matured. The competitive landscape surrounding our business has changed significantly with technological innovations in geostationary satellites and new businesses starting up with small low earth orbit satellites.
Against this backdrop, we has formulated a new Group Mission that redefines the role that it should play as digital innovations in society are likely to accelerate and business fields in every space are expanding.

SKY Perfect JSAT Group Mission

Toward a world where
uncertainty turns to peace of mind,
difficulty turns to ease,
and interest turns to passion

"Space for your Smile" captures our core vision for the future, where spaces of all kinds-outer space, land, air and sea, as well as communities,
family living rooms and other places people call their own-beam with smiles.
From the glints of everyday happiness to the happiness that awaits in the future,
we strive to create a world that leads to a brighter tomorrow for each and all.

SKY Perfect JSAT Group principles
Our Five Key Questions

We constantly ask ourselves five questions as we work to achieve our goals.
Are we rising to new challenges and learning from mistakes?
Are we collaborating with others to create new value?
Have we considered whether "pending" is the better choice?
Are we doing enough to surpass all expectations?
Can we talk with pride about our work to those dearest to us?

In striving to fulfill our mission,we at SKY Perfect JSAT Group
value colleagues and their families alike.