Under our Group mission and sustainability policy of “Space for your Smile,” the SKY Perfect JSAT Group aims to realize sustainability management to continuously create social and economic value from a long-term perspective.
In conjunction with major fluctuations in the global environment and market environment, the business environment surrounding the SKY Perfect JSAT Group has changed significantly over the past few years. In order to sustainably create value even in these uncertain times, we have identified 9 materiality themes and 23 materialities that the SKY Perfect JSAT Group must address.
Based on the characteristics, opportunities, threats, and risks of the Space Business and Media Business, we identified these themes and materialities while considering the 17 goals and 169 targets of the SDGs. For each materiality, we have set long-term targets in terms of our “Vision for 2030.” We have also set short-term targets and KPIs for each fiscal year to achieve those long-term targets.
Furthermore, in response to requests from stakeholders and a review of our business vision and strategy, we reviewed and added some materialities in fiscal 2023.

We will create social and economic value by continuing to work towards realizing our “Vision for 2030.”

Identification Process

Step 1

Grasping of the current situation
and screening of issues to be addressed
To pursue sustainability management so that the Group remains needed by society and continues to grow sustainably, the Group launched the Sustainability Committee. Chaired by the director responsible for corporate planning (as of fiscal 2020), the Sustainability Committee consists of leaders of all divisions. Under the Sustainability Committee, a working group with members assigned from all divisions was involved in identification of materialities.
The working group grasped and analyzed the current situation of the Group’s business activities. In the course of discussion to identify the issues to be addressed, they checked against the 169 targets of the SDGs and international guidelines, such as ISO26000, referred to materialities identified by other companies, and reflected the opinions of experts.
Through this process, the working group created a list of candidate social issues that the SKY Perfect JSAT Group must address.

Step 2

Evaluation and prioritization of issues
Management, the Sustainability Committee, and the materiality working group members discussed and evaluated the candidate issues in order to narrow down the list. The degree of importance from the management perspective was determined from the viewpoint of contribution to the Group’s sustainable growth.
Meanwhile, based on findings from interviews with client and business partners and the opinions of the experts, we determined the degree of importance from the perspective of stakeholders in order to reflect the needs of stakeholders and society. Using these two axes, the important issues were mapped, evaluated, and prioritized.

Step 3

Expert third-party opinions
The SKY Perfect JSAT Group had a dialogue with external experts to obtain third-party opinions in order to ensure objectivity and appropriateness of the prioritized important issues.

Step 4

Authorization by the Sustainability Committee,
the Management Committee, and the Board of Directors
Reflecting the opinions of experts, we identified 9 materiality themes and 22 materialities under them. The materiality working group, the Sustainability Committee, and the Management Committee confirmed the appropriateness of the themes and issues from the perspective of the SKY Perfect JSAT Group, and made a final decision based on approval from the Board of Directors.

Materialities (ESG/SDGs Matrix)

The SKY Perfect JSAT Group’s materialities are aligned with the core issues of E (Environment), S (Social), G (Governance), ISO26000 (social responsibility standards of the International Organization for Standardization), and the goals and targets of related SDGs.

  • These materialities utilize the method of the ESG/SDGs matrix under the supervision of Professor Hidemitsu Sasaya

Expert Third-party Opinions
and Dialogue

In regard to sustainability initiatives of the SKY Perfect JSAT Group, we receive third-party opinions through dialogue with experts and reflect those opinions in our initiatives.

Latest Dialogue


Dialogue on overall sustainability

Mr. Hidemitsu Sasaya

CSR/SDGs Consultant Professor, Chiba University of Commerce

Dialogue on the environment

Ms. Mari Yoshitaka

Fellow (Sustainability), Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.Visiting Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

Dialogue on human capital

Mr. Masahiro Fukuhara

Representative Director and CEO, Institution for a Global Society Corporation Adjunct Professor, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School Co-Chair, Research Consortium on Human Capital and Corporate Value