Coverage Area

Ku-band Northeast Asia EIRP

45dBW 43dBW 40dBW 38dBW

Ku-band Southeast Asia EIRP

44dBW 41dBW 38dBW

Ku-band Japan EIRP

56dBW 53dBW 47dBW

Ku-band Steerable Beam EIRP
(Pointing Examples)

50dBW 46dBW 40dBW

Orbital Position 144°E
Launch Date  August 15, 2008 (JST)
Launch Vehicle Ariane 5
Satellite Bus MELCO DS2000
Frequency Band Ku-Band
HPA-Output 100W
Satellite Type and Size
Body Stabilized South-North: 31.6m East-West: 8.1m
Satellite Polarization Skew/Tilt Angle Ku: 12deg

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