Environmental data

Energy consumption

(SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation only)

FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Energy consumption(GJ) 246,317 268,740 266,375 245,915 241,508
Energy consumption(GJ):Energy consumption(KL) 6,355 6,933 6,872 6,345 6,231
GHG emissions(Scope1)(t-CO2) 8 10 10 8 10
GHG emissions (Scope2) (t-CO2) 12,200 12,974 12,672 11,415 10,218

Scope1: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released directly to the atmosphere at the GHG emissions source
Scope2: CO2 emissions from electricity purchased from a third party, electricity generated from heat, and the heat generation stage
(Basic Guidelines on Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions throughout the Supply Chain (Ministry of the Environment/Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry))
GJ (gigajoule: unit of energy), t-CO2 (tonne weight: weight indication for the amount of energy used converted on a CO2 basis)

Total waste and other emissions (tonnes)

Total amount of industrial waste, etc. emissions (tonnes) 95.917
Total amount of general waste, etc. emissions (tonnes) 54.5935
Total (tonnes) 150.5105