Japan Domestic Services


ExBird is an IP-based packaged VSAT service with easy installation. This service can be used to secure a backup Internet/Intranet connection in times of disasters and distribution earthquake early warnings as well as to mitigate digital divide for rural areas.


EsBird is a custom made VSAT service. With a combination of two geographically redundant HUB stations and dedicated satellite circuits, this service is a top quality solution for business continuity in times of disasters. All EsBird equipment is produced by top-industry-ranked Japanese manufacturers.


Sat-Q is an IP video contribution service using SatCube, a very lightweight and compact portable terminal with battery and can provide IP-based transmission up to 6Mbps. This terminal can be easily set-up within 1 minute. The service is remotely controlled from our hub station so that the operational burden of users can be reduced. By connecting to a terrestrial relay system, this service is possible to more stability communication.


“Portalink” is a HDTV-capable solution for broadcasters' Fast News Gathering and supports IP-based transmission up to 9Mbps from a lightweight transportable terminal. This terminal, can be easily set-up and remotely controlled from our hub station and lightens the operational burden of users, creating much more flexibility in covering news and events.

OceanBB plus

This service provides high-speed and reliable broadband internet access for commercial vessels in almost all major ocean routes, enabling customers a significant cost savings for securing maritime communications.


Our satellite multicasting service enables cost-effective delivery of video content and IP streaming to multiple locations simultaneously. This satellite receiver is easy to deploy and equipped with smart cards or keys to secure private networks. At the time of a disaster, it can also serve to reduce communication disparities among stricken areas by multicasting rescue and restoration information.

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