IoT Connectivity Solution

IoT is available anywhere anytime with JSAT’s solution

An internet connectivity solution designed for IoT backbone

With its reliable GEO stationery satellite, SKY Perfect JSAT offers a turn-key internet connectivity solution specially designed for IoT connectivity backbones in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Available anywhere in Southeast Asia and East Asia

In Southeast Asia and East Asia, IoT adoption remains strong, with many organizations expanding their use of IoT, but because of the nature of this region, IoT coverage cannot be easily expanded in many areas where terrestrial connectivity is not available. Our IoT solution can help those who are willing to expand their IoT coverage in such places, including jungles, mountains, deserts or isolated islands, but facing difficulties in procuring reliable connectivity backbones.

Compatible with IoT protocols based on TCP/IP

Because our IoT solution uses our state-of-art internet connectivity platform, which interfaces with customer’s IoT gateways with RJ45 connectors, any types of IoT protocols that work on TCP/IP network, including but not limited to LoRa, Sigfox and Eltres, can be used. Please see the following diagram for the network architecture of our IoT solution.

  • Works with multiple IoT Protocols

Affordable Price, but 2-way communications 24/7

This service was designed specifically to be used for an IoT backhaul. To achieve affordable, easy-to-start solution, the data rate is lower than that for the regular Internet connectivity solution, but still high enough for IoT. Although affordable, our IoT solution provides 2-way communication 24/7 without interruption.


Our IoT solution can help improve production efficiency in agriculture. Even in remote agricultural farms such as palm oil plantations, sensors and VSAT terminals can be installed to observe soil health conditions, including temperature and humidity. To analyze the data collected thorough our IoT platform, the timing of irrigation, fertilizer supply and harvest can be predicted precisely.

Fisheries Industry

SKY Perfect JSAT’s IoT solution can also help grow fisheries industry. In remote aquaculture operations, sensors can be attached to fishponds to track water quality and plankton in the water to measure and manage the health of the fish and shellfish and feed them accordingly.

Smart Meters

Our IoT solution can bring the benefits of IoT development to people living in remote areas without terrestrial networks. VSAT terminals and smart meters for electricity and water can be installed at each home to track and analyze consumption for billing purpose. This makes possible to profile the consumption behavior of each home and notify it when a water or electricity leak or outage is observed.

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