Cellular Backhaul

Managed Cellular backhaul service

Managed Cellular Backhaul Solution

SKY Perfect JSAT’s managed cellular backhaul solution with GEO satellite provide Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with reliable, cost-effective, and rapid communications. While IoT connectivity and 5G have been rapidly expanding lately, many people still live in rural areas such as mountains or islands, where sufficient terrestrial networks can not be provided. Cellular backhaul solution enables MNOs with ubiquitous coverage in less time and economically. In addition, when outages occur in terrestrial networks due to natural disasters, MNOs can maintain stable and secure connections through satellite communications.

Key characteristics

・Extensive experiences in installing and operating VSAT HUBs dedicated Cellular Backhaul

・Adaptation to advanced technologies to meet high communication requirements

・Flexible satellite bandwidth expansion options in the event of a disaster based on experience in disaster-prone Japan

・24/7 Network operation supported by our Satellite Control Center

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