-Land-deformation and Infrastructure ANAlysis-
Monitoring mountain slope and infrastructure facility with SAR satellite

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation., Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. and Zenrin Co., Ltd. are utilizing SAR data to visualize changes in landslides, slopes, embankments, soft ground, reclaimed land, etc., around infrastructure facilities.

  • Monitoring the deformations with an accuracy of a few centimeters
  • Can be screened an area of several tens of kilometers square
  • Possible to monitor the record of changes over time from the past
  • Immediately can be shared analysis results via Web UI

Analysis and Visualization Flow

Obtain deformaiton information with high accuracy using our unique InSAR*1 algorism

  1. InSAR
    A method to calculate the variation of the land surface using Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) images at two or more different times for the same area.

For maintenance and management of embankment construction areas

For monitoring subsidence in waterfront areas and reclaimed land

To understand the impact of construction on surrounding facilities

For maintenance of electric power facility locations

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