Story of Value Creation

Creating one-of-a-kind services from ground to space

SKY Perfect JSAT Group Story of Value creation

With the aim of "Space for your Smile", which is our group mission and also a sustainability policy, SKY Perfect JSAT Group seek to be an indispensable company in the world in order to make society better and fulfill people’s life.

Toward the realization of "Space for your Smile"

SKY Perfect JSAT Group is sensitive to changes in society. Based on high quality management resources with competitive advantages, such as "30 years of experience and trust in space," "skilled and knowledgeable diverse human resources," "stable financial foundation," and "main facilities," we have been promoting the space business and the media business. In advancing these businesses, we are working on nine materiality themes, improving profits through structural reforms in existing businesses, and promoting businesses in new areas through co-creation.

As a result, we will create economic value and social value ahead of the business strategy while keeping an eye on the following our vision. 

  • We establish an innovative communication network for all spaces and a global data collection network 
  • We offer a platform that connects people, companies, and society 

All of them are to realize "Space for your Smile", which is the future opened up by sustainability management.

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