Business Strategy

Rising up various video distribution services and new business using low earth orbit satellites, technical innovation around conventional fixed satellites business, our business environment is changing dynamically.

Towards accelerating digital society we are expanding our business fields to spaces.

We recognized this change as a great opportunity, we redefined our roles and  established a mission, “Space for  your Smile”. Realizing this mission, we are improving our corporate value.

Media Business

Facing severe competitions with free or subscription video streaming services and rising sports broadcasting rights market, existing Pay-TV Business Market has matured. We are structuring business foundation responding to new 4K/8K broadcasting by expanding program distribution business via optical fiber.
Furthermore, we review cost structure of the platform business and aim to improve profitability of the content business and secure new source of business revenue by “LIFE” business, providing recommendation services related to people’s daily life based on our subscriber base.

Key measures

  1. Pursuing attractive content/service
  2. Development of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) re-transmission service
  3. Promotion of LIFE Business

Space Business

To increase revenue basis, we are responding to the demands from mobility communications, such as aircrafts, ships and mobile carrier backhaul by adopting the new satellites including HTS (High Throughput Satellites) which have much more transmission capacity than conventional satellites.
We are aiming at mid/long-term growth by development of Space business field responding to Japanese government’s Space basic plan, new communication infrastructure business and intelligence business.

Key measures

  1. Expanding revenue by launching new satellites
  2. Incubation of new business on various space
  3. Promotion of Space intelligence Business

Mid-term Business Plan

Aiming for construction of new growth foundation, in May 2016, SKY Perfect JSAT Group established “Mid-Term Business Plan 2020”.

The environment surrounding our business, both of Media Business and Space Business have has been changing since we announced the plan in 2016. Therefore we intends to review the plan.

Furthermore, we are planning the strategy to achieve the “Business Vision” published in August 2018.

Please have a look at SKY Perfect JSAT Group’s Mid-Term Business Plan 2020.