Business Strategy

As the competitive environment surrounding our group is undergoing significant changes, including the rapid acquisition of customers by video distribution services, technological innovation of static satellites, and the emergence of new businesses by low-orbit satellites, we view this change as an opportunity and set out a group mission that defines the role that our group should play in anticipating the progress of the accelerating digital society and the expansion of business fields in all spaces.

Management policies and strategies

Amid dramatic changes in the business climate, our Group has adopted the "SKY Perfect JSAT Group's PLAN 2020+" as our management policy, and we will promote drastic reforms from the human capital, business, and corporate perspectives.
In addition, we will strive to link our management philosophy with SDGs, increase employee engagement, and revitalize our corporate brand. In this way, we will strive to increase corporate value over the medium to long term.

Human Resources:

Acting on Covid-19, we have worked to invigorate our human resources by realizing flexible work styles that are free from constraint of location or time, and by selecting young employees, we will continue to flexibly review the working environment and systems in line with changes in the world.

We will not only change our systems, but also aim to become a company in which each employee can transform themselves and maximize their own performance in order to realize the Group Mission.


In the Space business, we will actively respond to demand in global markets, including the provision of lines for in-flight internet services. We will also expand the provision of lines for backhaul for mobile carriers, which are increasingly using satellites in Japan and overseas.
In addition to expanding earnings in the business intelligence field, we will also consider realizing new earnings through the space integrated computing network in Beyond 5G・6G age by building space infrastructures for various applications in collaboration with domestic and overseas business partners.
In the Media Business, we promoted business development through a variety of transmission methods, including FTTH and 5G・Beyond 5G, and launched initiatives to realize Media HUB Cloud, a B2B business that supports domestic and overseas distribution services.
In addition, we will launch a new distribution business developed existing "SPOOX" and are planning to develop a platform that combines broadcasting and distribution in the future.


In October 2020, we launched corporate branding activities under the slogan "Our Unlimited Vision, Your Practical Value."

We will continue our activities to inform the public of our unique and continuing challenges in the field of business, from the ground up to outer space.

In addition, we will further promote sustainability management and strengthen corporate governance, thereby enhancing brand value.

  • Aiming to further Strengthen Core Profitability in the Mid-Term