Business Strategy

As the competitive environment surrounding our group is undergoing significant changes, including the rapid acquisition of customers by video distribution services, technological innovation of static satellites, and the emergence of new businesses by low-orbit satellites, we view this change as an opportunity and set out a group mission that defines the role that our group should play in anticipating the progress of the accelerating digital society and the expansion of business fields in all spaces.

Management policies and strategies

Amid dramatic changes in the business climate, our Group has adopted the "SKY Perfect JSAT Group Plan 2020+" as our management policy, and we will promote fundamental reforms from human resources, business, and corporate perspectives.
Promoting sustainability management and revitalizing the corporate brand, we will strive to increase employee engagement and increase corporate value over the medium to long term.

Human Resources:

In response to the Covid-19, we have worked to invigorate human resources by realizing flexible work styles that are not captured by location and time, and by selecting young employees. Going forward, we will continue to flexibly review the working environment and systems in line with changes in the world.

In addition to changing the system, we aim to be a company in which each and every employee transforms themselves and takes a strong will to promote business in order to realize the Group Mission.


As a pioneer in the space business, we will contribute to the realization of Society5.0 indicated by the Cabinet Office. While keeping the existing business model of satellite communications, we aim to expand our business in fields such as non-terrestrial networks, optical data relay, and business intelligence. In the Media Business, we will continue to reform the profitability of existing businesses by restructuring. In addition, as a player with a satellite broadcasting and video distribution network, we aim to be selected as a partner from companies in the same industry and from companies in other industries. To this end, we will invest human resources, funds, time, and other resources in fields such as connected TV and content database technology to create new value.


In October 2020, we launched corporate branding activities under the slogan "Our Unlimited Vision, Your Practical Value." We will continue our activities to make us to be known as a unique company taking on challenge in the field from ground to outer space.

In 2030, the SKY Perfect JSAT aims to achieve net income over JPY25 billion.

Based on our Group Mission "Space for your Smile," we will not only extend our existing businesses, but also develop technologies and services for both the Space Business and the Media Business. By contributing to the realization of Society5.0, we hope to achieve profits in excess of JPY25 billion.

  • Toward 2030, invest in growth areas aggressively

Capital Allocations over the next five years

Over the next 5 years, we will invest more than JPY200 billion to solidify our footing for 2030. In particular, we will invest JPY120 billion in new business domains as a growth investment. In addition, in order to enhance shareholder returns, we will acquire treasury stock flexibly in addition to dividends.

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