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      Big challenge to develop new market

      Establishes Japan’s first private-sector communication satellite business

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      First private-sector communication satellite marks the first year of the satellite era

      Launches JCSAT-1, Japan’s first private-sector communication satellite

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      Introduces Japan’s first entrusted satellite broadcasting service

      Introduces Japan’s first entrusted satellite broadcasting service (CS Analog)

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      Launches Japan’s first satellite digital multichannel broadcasting communication satellite

      Launches JCSAT-3, Japan’s first digital broadcasting communication satellite (128° east longitude)

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      Starts broadcasts on Japan’s first satellite digital multichannel broadcast platform!

      StartsPerfecTV!, Japan’s first CS digital broadcasting service

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      SKY PerfecTV! is born

      PerfecTV! and JSkyB merge to SKY PerfecTV!

      Reaches 1 million subscribers

      The number of SKY PerfecTV! subscribers reaches 1 million (December 27)

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      Secures major content: Serie A

      Acquires broadcasting rights for the Serie A Italian soccer league

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      Reaches 2 million subscribers

      Announces that subscribers will migrate to SKY Perfect TV! following the termination of DirecTV Japan’s services (March 2)

      The number of SKY PerfecTV! subscribers reaches 2 million (August)

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      Reaches 3 million subscribers

      The number of SKY PerfecTV! subscribers reaches 3 million (August)

      Launches broadcasts on the SKY PerfecTV! 2 110-degree CS digital broadcasting service

      Secures major content: World Cup

      Broadcasts all 64 matches of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™ on 10 channels (May)

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      Secures major content: J.League

      Acquires exclusive CS broadcasting rights for five seasons of the J.League (J1/J2) from 2007 to 2011

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      Toward management integration

      SKY Perfect Communications Inc. and JSAT Corporation is integrated on April 2, 2007, and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (currently SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc.) is established as a joint holding company. Lists on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the same day.

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      SKY Perfect JSAT is born: Asia’s largest satellite communication company

      SKY Perfect Communications Inc., JSAT Corporation, and Space Communications Corporation merge to form SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (October 1).

      Constructs a Media Center equipped with the latest broadcasting equipment

      Constructs the SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center (August 1)

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      Secures major content: World Cup

      Airs live broadcasts of all 64 matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ on SKY PerfecTV!, and 25 matches (including 2 live broadcasts) in 3D on SKY PerfecTV! HD and SKY PerfecTV! HIKARI (June)

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      Rolls out original channels

      Rolls out BS SKY PerfecTV!, a new BS digital broadcasting channel (11 a.m., October 1)
      (Terminated as of October 2022)

      Starts On-Demand service

      Starts SKY PerfecTV! On-Demand, a broadcast linked video- on-demand service for multiple media devices (October 25) and begins providing a pay content transmission service on December 1.

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      Unifies the names of all multichannel pay TV broadcast services to SKY PerfecTV!,
      creating a brand new SKY PerfecTV!

      Successful test of a live 4K J.League broadcast

      Successfully tests a live 4K satellite broadcast of a J.League soccer match (October 20)

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      Delivery of Japanese content to overseas audiences

      Rolls out the WakuWaku Japan in Indonesia, broadcasting TV programs 24 hours a day in local languages (February 22)
      (Terminated as of February 2022)

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      Further expantion of high-definition broadcast

      Begins airing broadcasts on SKY PerfecTV! 4K General and SKY PerfecTV! 4K Movies, the world’s first 4K commercial channels

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      Begins providing Wi-Fi connection for aircrafts

      Rolls out 3 in-flight SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service channels as ANA launches a Wi-Fi service on its domestic flights

      Acceleration of low earth orbit satellite-related business

      Enters into a strategic business alliance with KSAT and introduces ground station services for low earth orbit satellites

      Enters the drone business

      Enters the drone business as enRoute Co., Ltd. joins the Group
      (Dissolved as of June 2021)

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      Enters the satellite data business

      Concludes a satellite image analysis solutions reseller agreement with Orbital Insight, Inc.

      Expand business area to the low earth orbit satellite

      Signs strategic partnership and investment agreement with LeoSat Enterprises, Inc., beginning verification for the establishment of low earth orbit satellites and drones business

      Seamless services through the integration of broadcasting and communications

      Starts SKY PerfecTV! Hybrid

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      Turning image data into a meteorological data business

      “Kmolog” (cloud log) smartphone application is born

      Introduction of the company's first HTS satellite

      Launches the high throughput satellite Horizons 3e, the first for the company, together with Intelsat Corporation

      New 4K/8K satellite broadcasts

      Begins new 4K/8K satellite broadcasts. Nine 4K channels join SKY PerfecTV!

      Formulation of SKY Perfect JSAT Group Mission

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      Concludes an agreement with Airbus on the joint development of optical data relay business

      Cooperation with the renewable energy business

      Investment in Challenergy

      Launches the second high throughput satellite JCSAT-1C

      Spatio-i, a business intelligence service started

      Achieves broadcasting and distribution of all official games of professional baseball Central and Pacific League

  • THE 0S~

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      Launches the high throughput satellite Horizons 3e

      Started design and development of space debris removal system satellite

      Business alliance with Zenrin and Nippon Koei to provide "satellite disaster prevention information service"

      Predict and mitigate flood damage using satellite and map data

      Agreed on joint development of "hybrid photovoltaic power generation output prediction system" with Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry

      Concluded a contract with Bundesliga including joint marketing activities

      Acquired exclusive broadcasting and distribution rights until the 2024/25 season

      Started "Media HUB Cloud" initiative with PLAY

      Aiming to contribute to domestic and overseas distribution services

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      Established Satellite Data Service Co., Ltd.

      Concluded collaboration agreement with NTT on new space enterprise

      Starts On-demand video streaming service “SPOOX”

      Begins providing High-speed Maritime Broadband Service "JSATMarine"

      Concluded collaboration agreement with iQPS Inc.

      Aiming to expand market for small SAR satellite business

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      Starts selling “Crayon of the Seas”

      You learn the "color" of the earth, play with the "color" of the earth, and "like" the earth more.

      Converts all of “Yokohama Satellite Control Center” , “Space Port East” , Head Office, and “SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center” electric powers to substantial renewable energy​

      Towards realization of decarbonized society

      Established Space Compass Corporation

      Novel space integrated computing network enterprise to aid realization of a sustainable society

      Signed Launch Service Contract for Superbird-9 satellite with Space X

      Held Bundesliga Japan Tour 2022 powered by SKY Perfect JSAT​

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      Concluded an agreement with JAXA to provide Near-Earth Tracking and Control Network

      Commenced SAR Satellite-Based Oil Spill Monitoring Service to Qatar

      Collaborated with iQPS Inc on small satellite operations

      Held Bundesliga Japan Tour 2023

      Successful Launch of Horizons-4

      ~The fifth satellite with Intelsat~

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