Corporate Governance

The Company strives to maintain a highly transparent corporate governance system that can respond quickly to changes in the business environment. As a corporate group that provides the highly public services of broadcasting and communications, we pursue rigorous corporate based on legal compliance while continuously strengthening our risk management system.

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

As a publicly traded corporation, the SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. believes that the basic objective of corporate governance is to maximize corporate value in the capital markets.
To accomplish this objective, we must establish favorable relations with all of our stakeholders, including our shareholders, our customers, our business partners, our employees and local communities. At the same time, we recognize the importance of corporate ethics based on compliance with laws. We also view the ability to make rapid management decisions in the face of a changing society and economic environment, as well as the improvement of management soundness, as some of the most significant management issues we face as an organization.
In line with this approach, since the Company’s establishment in April 2007, we have worked to ensure and improve transparency and soundness in management. For example, we have appointed several outside directors and voluntarily established the Nomination & Remuneration Committee that acts as an advisory body to the Board of Directors aiming at securing and enhancing management transparency and soundness as a corporate group that provides the Media business and the Space business of a highly public nature. During FY2015, we have established and implemented our original Independence Standards in addition to the criteria for independent directors prescribed by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
As we endeavor to provide timely and accurate information disclosure to our shareholders and investors, we also strive to enhance management transparency through the disclosure of a wide range of information.