Media Business

SKY Perfect JSAT began in October 1996, with the release of "PerfecTV!", the first digital broadcasting service in Japan, and currently operates a Multi-channel Pay-TV platform "SKY PerfecTV!", serving many customers.
In 2021, the previous on-demand video streaming service was renewed, and "SPOOX" service was launched. We also are planning to build a platform that combines both broadcasting and streaming services in the future to strengthen our distribution business.
In addition to the broadcasting and distribution business, we are working to expand our FTTH (Fiber To The Home) business, and our media solution business. Through our services, we aim to contribute to the realization of a diverse and creative society.

Broadcasting Business

"SKY PerfecTV!" is a Multi-channel Pay-TV broadcasting service provided by SKY Perfect JSAT. We broadcast a variety of genres and hold many channels and packages on this service. From these, you can subscribe from one channel of your choice.

In accordance with the changes in the market, we are also working on "fan marketing"; a strategy targeted directly from the fans of the content we broadcast.

"SKY PerfecTV! Program Distribution“service” which allows customers to watch SKY PerfecTV! on the internet, is a free video distribution service. To be easier to see, we provide distribution on SKY PerfecTV! Official website, SKY PerfecTV! Program apps, etc. You can enjoy SKY PerfecTV! programs for free on smartphones and PCs, such as live distribution of professional baseball games and missed dramas.

Distribution Business

The distribution business has undergone a major renewal since 2021, and we have started a on-demand video streaming service "SPOOX" that can be used by customers who have not subscribed to SKY PerfecTV!.

We offer various genres of SVOD and TVOD products in various styles, from unlimited monthly viewing to live broadcasting. In addition, we will continue to expand our attractive products and content lineup, such as starting to offer a “Value Plan" that allows unlimited viewing of about 30,000 titles such as movies, dramas, and animations for 990 yen per month.


FTTH Business

SKY Perfect JSAT offers retransmission services which delivers terrestrial broadcasting, FM broadcasting, BS broadcasting, CS broadcasting, and new 4K / 8K satellite broadcasting, which started in December 2018, via NTT’s Fletz optical line (changing the wavelength). Terrestrial broadcasting and satellite broadcasting are available without the installation of an antenna. You can also watch SKY PerfecTV! if you subscribe retransmission services.
The total number of households that can receive services nationwide is 42.8 million, and the number of households that are currently connected to our services is 2.6 million.With the increase in contracts for the FTTH TV retransmission service due to the expansion of the service area, we aim to increase the number of subscribers of "SKY PerfecTV!".

Media Solution Business

At SKY PerfecTV Tokyo Media Center(TMC), we have myriad broadcasting equipments which collect and send contents to be broadcast on the satellites, as well as program production equipment such as studios. We have started media solution business that makes effective use of assets such as broadcasting equipment and technology of SKY Perfect JSAT to make video distribution easier and more efficient.
We will provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers in various business situations such as distribution of overseas content and distribution of events such as in-house events.
In addition, we can realize efficient video distribution without hassle by taking advantage of our technology of branching a large number of video sources, which we are good at, as needed, and the strength of being able to distribute content videos distributed to our company not only on broadcasting but also on the Internet. We will develop new sources of revenue with "Media HUB".


Smart Contact Center (Customer Management)

The Smart Contact Center is where most of our important communication with our customers takes place. The Center handles a wide range of inquiries, from new subscriptions, requests for programs, and contract changes to billing and collection of subscription revenue. Moreover, with cutting-edge technology, including omnichannel communication infrastructure, AI, and cloud services, we are responding in an integrated and flexible manner to new diverse forms of communication with customers, including e-mail, online chat, and social network platforms such as LINE.

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