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Koichi Matsutani
Sustainability Committee Chair, Director

Koichi Matsutani Sustainability Committee Chair, Director Koichi Matsutani Sustainability Committee Chair, Director

Based on our Group mission “Space for your Smile,” we will contribute to the sustainability of society, the environment of the earth and the space, and improve corporate value through the practice of sustainability management.

Our Group has set our Group mission of “Space for your Smile” as our sustainability policy, and we are continuing activities to bring happiness to all people. We believe that society, the Earth, and the space need to be healthy in order to make people smile.
Our Group’s main business is satellite communication and satellite broadcasting platforms that utilize outer space. As a self-proclaimed “Space Business Company,” our Group will continue to improve corporate value by contributing to the sustainability of society, the environment of the earth and the space, and by addressing social issues through sound business activities. Furthermore, we will act with due consideration for the impact that our business activities have on various stakeholders, including shareholders, subscribers, employees, suppliers, business partners, local communities, and other organizations, and the environment. We will work to build trust through dialogue with stakeholders.
From fiscal 2023, our Group is further promoting the practice of sustainability management under the management strategy of “Value Creation by ‘Change,’” which aims for sustainable growth of society and the company.

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Role which must be fulfilled by our Group

In conjunction with major fluctuations in the global environment and market environment, the business environment surrounding our Group has changed significantly over these past few years. Consequently, the role which must be fulfilled by our Group has also changed.
In the Space Business, we will utilize our experience of more than 30 years in the space and satellite services field to contribute to the realization of a super-smart society by building innovative communication networks and global data collection networks that cover all spaces.
In the Media Business, we will contribute to the realization of a diverse and highly creative society as a platform that connects people, companies, and society, while maintaining our unshakeable position as a key player with satellite broadcasting and video distribution networks.
Our Group recognizes the importance of giving due consideration to stakeholders and the environment when conducting business. We view providing solutions to emerging social and global issues as a major opportunity.
Since our company is involved in communications and broadcasting businesses with a highly public nature, we have worked hard to ensure and improve the transparency and soundness of our management since our company’s establishment in April 2007. Moreover, as a company listed on the Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange, we recognize that society demands and expects us to achieve a high level of governance. In order to respond to these needs, we are constructing systems to realize appropriate business operations. Our group is placing particular emphasis on themes such as strengthening cybersecurity, protecting personal information, and establishing information security systems. Other areas of emphasis also include developing and operating a risk management system to prepare for all risks, including climate change.

Initiatives and reviews for achieving materialities

In fiscal 2021, our Group identified 9 materiality themes which we must give particular focus, as well as 22 materialities based on those themes. We are working hard to achieve each of these themes and materialities in order to realize ”Vision for 2030”. In order to increase our ability to execute towards achieving our goals, SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation established the Sustainability Department in October 2022. Together with the Sustainability Committee, this has created an organizational structure that is responsible for our Group-wide activities for promoting sustainability.
Furthermore, in response to requests from stakeholders and a review of our business vision and strategy, we reviewed and added some materiality items in fiscal 2023. As a result, we now have 23 materialities to address.
By responding quickly and appropriately to changes and conducting the necessary review, we will continue to work toward realizing “Vision for 2030”.

Among the 9 materiality themes, we have decided to place particular focus on “contributing to the environment to make a decarbonized society and circular economy a reality,” which is particularly related to environmental response including climate change, and “activities by a diverse array of people,” which is necessary to improve our human capital.

Earth (environment): responding to climate change

Our Group views climate change as one of the most urgent issues faced by society.
Our entire Group is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As of the end of fiscal 2022, the ratio of substantial renewable energy to our Group’s electricity consumption has reached 93%*. We have also begun formulating a transition plan for decarbonization, and have set the goal of achieving Scope 1 and 2 carbon neutrality by fiscal 2030.
Furthermore, we view climate change response as a major business opportunity for growing our business, and are working to both expand existing businesses and develop new businesses. In our existing business, we will utilize the disaster-resistant features of satellite communications to continually provide appropriate services for disaster countermeasures and BCP to local governments and companies that operate essential utilities and infrastructure throughout Japan. As part of our efforts to develop new business, we will utilize image analysis data from low-earth orbit satellites, develop technology to remove the ever-increasing amount of space debris, predict the amount of sunlight for solar power generation, and provide communications for wind power generation. Through such activities, we are growing the seeds of new business for establishing a business environment for renewable energy that will support Japan’s electric power infrastructure in the direction of a decarbonized society.

*Calculated based on FY2022 results

Society: initiatives to improve human capital

Our Group recognizes that human capital is extremely important to achieving sustainable growth for society and the company. That is why we refer to human resources as “human assets.” “Strengthening human capital” is one of the four major initiatives of our management strategy of “Value Creation by ‘Change.’” Based on this initiative, we have established a human resources strategy to “revitalize the people and organizations that are the driving force for change.” From the two aspects of investing in human capital and strengthening engagement, we aim to be a company where all officers and employees maximize their abilities and work with enthusiasm.

Based on the concept of “Space for your Smile,” the SKY Perfect JSAT Group will continue to contribute to the sustainability of society, the Earth, and the space environment, and to implement initiatives aimed at improving corporate value.

We look forward to your continued support.