SKY Perfect JSAT Key Features

01 Business Overview

We are working From people's lives on the ground to space.
SKY Perfect JSAT is developing a wide range of businesses centered on communications satellite services.

Features of Satellite


    (Can connect anytime and anyplace)

    Satellite communications can broadly cover the entire globe and provide high speed communications services to digital divide regions and also shipping vessels and aircraft. Furthermore, they can flexibly handle simultaneous distribution to many sites at once and temporary settings for relay lines, etc.



    They can build robust communications networks which are not affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, etc., so satellite communications can be used for diverse applications such as disaster prevention applications, backup lines for ground communications, mobile base station backhaul lines, etc.


    (communication lines with a high degree of safety)

    Unauthorized access is not easy compared to terrestrial networks, so it is possible for satellite communications to ensure high security. They exercise an outstanding role in peace of mind and safety, and the propagation of information with a highly secret nature, including for the security field.


    (infrastructure of a sustainable society)

    Satellites are operated using solar light, a clean, renewable energy. Furthermore, it is expected that utilization of the earth observation data which can be obtained from space can contribute to a sustainable society in the fields of disaster prediction and monitoring the status of marine pollution.

Through satellite connections and the various services we provide, we assist businesses and improve the everyday lives of people in a more convenient and enriching way.

02 History

SKY Perfect JSAT has a history of several mergers. As a pioneer of both satellite communication business and multi-channel pay-TV business in Japan, SKY Perfect JSAT have brought convenience, safety and enriched life to the society through its services.

History of SKY Perfect JSAT History of SKY Perfect JSAT

03 What We Do

SKY Perfect JSAT services are widely applied to peoples’ everyday life. In addition to conventional business by its large satellites fleet, SKY Perfect JSAT also aims to address to the digital divide overseas, with the cooperation of partners. Also, SKY Perfect JSAT launched into new businesses using low orbital satellites, etc.


    As the Asia’s No.1 satellite operator with large fleet, SKY Perfect JSAT values committed relationship with our customers and society, and aggressively advance into new satellite business field.

  • HAPS (High Altitude Platform Station):

    From the stratosphere 20km above Earth, HAPS is aimed to connect GEO & LEO satellites/aircrafts/vessels networks and to deliver low-latency broadband connectivity. It will also contribute in disaster recovery communications.


    In-flight internet access available today is supported by satellites. The number of users are increasing rapidly.


    SKY Perfect JSAT’s maritime services are utilized for internet access on shipboard life.


    SKY Perfect JSAT aims to mitigate the “last one mile” through its satellite services in Southeast Asia and Pacific island countries.


    In addition to broadcasting TV news coverage and video relays from event sites, vehicles are also used as a communication line in an emergency.


    SKY Perfect JSAT operates DTH service named “SKY PerfecTV!” which is Japan’s largest satellite-based multichannel pay-TV. SKY PerfecTV! delivers programs in a wide range of genres including animation, movies, sports, and music.


    On-demand video streaming service “SPOOX“ is available to anyone, including customers without subscription to ”SKY PerfecTV!“. We provide a variety of content line-up to meet the viewer’s diverse needs.

04 Quick Facts

Under the group mission “Space for your Smile”, SKY Perfect JSAT has been on a steady growth in business and good will to contribute for the society.

05 Becoming a Shareholder

If you become a shareholder of SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc., you will receive dividends and shareholder newsletters, and you can exercise your voting rights as a shareholder in accordance with the number of shares you own.

  • BENEFIT 01

    You will receive dividends.

    To ensure shareholder returns, we will continue our reliable dividend policy on the basis of the following.

    1. Establishing a stable management foundation
    2. Maintaining sound finances
    3. Maintaining adequate internal reserves to facilitate aggressive business expansion
  • BENEFIT 02

    You can attend shareholders' meetings.

    You can participate in the management of our company through the General Shareholders Meeting by using voting forms.

    Shareholders' Meetings

  • BENEFIT 03

    You will receive shareholder newsletters.

    We will send booklets to all shareholders explaining the company’s current situation, including an overview of business results and descriptions of our businesses.