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Intelsat Partners with SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
to Expand High-Throughput Satellites in Asia
Agreement Delivers High-Speed Inflight Connectivity to
One of the Fastest-growing Markets for Air Travel

Feb 1, 2022

 SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer: Eiichi Yonekura; "SKY Perfect JSAT") and Intelsat (Head Office: Luxemburg, Chief Executive Officer: Stephen Spengler, “Intelsat”) announced today that Intelsat, operator of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network and leading provider of inflight connectivity, has expanded its partnership with SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation to use its next-generation JCSAT-1C high-throughput satellite (“HTS”) over Japan and Asia, which is one of the fastest-growing markets for air travel. The partnership benefits both airlines and passengers because they will have faster internet connection onboard flights.

 HTS is a satellite which has multiple spot beams and significantly more capacity compared to a conventional communication satellite. The spot beams are carefully allocated with frequencies that does not interfere with each other and can be reused again, so by taking advantage of this "frequency re-use", HTS can achieve higher speeds and throughput.

 SKY Perfect JSAT and Intelsat will continue to provide fast and reliable inflight connectivity to meet the growing needs of airlines and its passengers.

  • JCSAT-1C satellite

Teruo Yamashita, SKY Perfect JSAT Group President of Global Business Group, said:
“We’ve had a long-lasting partnership with Intelsat starting with our JCSAT-5A satellite for Intelsat’s service to Japan Airlines (JAL). As air traffic continues to grow in Japan and Asia, expanding our partnership with Intelsat was a logical solution because of the company’s reputation for delivering reliable, state-of-the-art communications and its forward-looking solutions to support global mobility.”

Dave Bijur, Intelsat Senior Vice President of Intelsat Commercial Aviation, said:
“When it comes to inflight connectivity, customers and passengers today expect a top-notch, seamless experience. Our expanded partnership with SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation to augment our network which provides leading experience to not only meet but also to exceed customer and passenger expectations.”

Adam Troy, Intelsat Vice President of Business Development - Network Partnerships, said:

“JSAT continues to be an important and preferred partner of Intelsat, providing high quality capacity when and where we need it. We have partnered with JSAT for many years, dating back to our first Joint Venture satellite, Horizons-1. We know we can count on JSAT’s support to serve our customers’ needs across multiple market sectors augmenting our global satellite network. This capacity, in particular, will allow Intelsat to continue providing best-in-class in-flight connectivity over Japan for years to come.”

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About SKY Perfect JSAT
SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation is Asia’s largest satellite operator with a fleet of 16 satellites, and Japan’s only provider of both multi-channel pay TV broadcasting and satellite communications services. SKY Perfect JSAT delivers a broad range of entertainment through the “SKY PerfecTV!” platform, the most extensive in Japan with a total of approximately 3 million subscribers. SKY Perfect JSAT’s satellite communications services, which cover Asia, Indian Ocean, Russia, Middle East, Pacific Ocean and North America, play a vital role in supporting communications infrastructures for mobile backhaul,
government, aviation, maritime, oil & gas and disaster recovery. For more information, visit our corporate website (https://www.skyperfectjsat.space/en/) and Space Business website (https://www.skyperfectjsat.space/jsat/en/).

About Intelsat
As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the world’s most trusted satellite telecom network. We apply our unparalleled expertise and global scale to connect people, businesses and communities, no matter how difficult the challenge. Intelsat is building the future of global communications with the world’s first hybrid, multi-orbit, software-defined 5G network designed for simple, seamless, and secure coverage precisely when and where our customers most need it. Follow the leader in global connectivity and “Imagine Here,” with us, at Intelsat.com.

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