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Matters Concerning Controlling Shareholder, etc.

Jun 29, 2020

 The Company hereby announces matters concerning a controlling shareholder, etc. as described below.

1.Trade name, etc., of parent company, controlling shareholder (other than the parent company), other affiliated companies or parent company of other related companies

(As of March 31, 2020)



Percentage of voting rights (%)

Stock Exchange on which

shares are listed




ITOCHU Fuji Partners, Inc.

Other affiliated company





ITOCHU Corporation

Other affiliated company




Tokyo Stock Exchange,

First Section

2.Name of the company within the category of parent company, etc. that is recognized as having the greatest influence on the listed company and reason for same
ITOCHU Corporation owns 63% of ITOCHU Fuji Partners, Inc., which in turn owns 25.8% of the voting rights of the Company, thus ITOCHU Corporation is recognized as the company with the greatest influence on the Company.


3.Reason for exemption from disclosure of business results information for unlisted parent company, etc.
Within the category of parent company, etc., as ITOCHU Corporation corresponds to the company with the greatest power of influence, there is no change in unlisted parent company, etc. to be disclosed.


4.Position of the listed company within the corporate group of the parent company, etc. and other relationships between the parent company, etc. and the listed company
The Company is constituted from 11  directors independent of the controlling shareholder and is able to make independent business decisions. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the Company's business operations and thus independence is ensured. 


5.Matters related to transactions with controlling shareholder

   No applicable matters.