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SKY Perfect JSAT and JAXA Startup Tenchijin
Conclude Investment Agreement
Accelerating Expansion of Satellite Data Business

Jan 31, 2024

 SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer: Eiichi Yonekura; SKY Perfect JSAT) announced that it has entered into an investment agreement with Tenchijin, Inc. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Chief Executive Officer: Yasuhito Sakuraba; Tenchijin), a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) startup, during the Series A 1st close. Through this capital participation, the companies will also promote to strengthen business collaborations, aiming to further expand the satellite data business using space big data obtained from earth observation satellites and jointly develop new business initiatives.

 The utilization of imagery and data obtained from earth observation satellites is progressing significantly across diverse sectors, including infrastructure monitoring, environmental assessment, agriculture, and sustainable development goals. It has become a critically important factor in the decision-making process for the modern business environment and in addressing social challenges. Furthermore, with the increasing number of high-resolution observation satellites and the expanding availability of satellite data, there is heightened expectation for efficient analysis and visualization of such information.
 Amidst these advancements, JAXA startup Tenchijin, established in 2019, operates by utilizing the intellectual property and knowledge of JAXA, actively addressing various societal issues through the use of space big data. The core business, a land evaluation service utilizing the Web GIS*1 service “Tenchijin COMPASS,” contributes to the maintenance of essential infrastructure crucial for people's daily lives.
 SKY Perfect JSAT, the first company in Japan to launch a commercial communication satellite, has been at the forefront of space businesses for over 30 years. In 2019, SKY Perfect JSAT initiated efforts in Space Intelligence, developing solution services that utilize and analyze satellite data for various fields such as disaster prevention, infrastructure management, and national security. These services include "Spatio-i," providing various geospatial information and analysis, and "LIANA (Land deformation and Infrastructure ANAlysis)," which can monitor and visualize ground movements based on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite imagery analysis.
 Through this investment, SKY Perfect JSAT and Tenchijin will synergize their resources and expertise, accelerating business collaborations toward the expansion and development of the satellite data business.


Planned business collaborations is as follows:
・Expansion of the satellite data business through the coordinated collaboration of both companies in their satellite data analysis capabilities.
・Collaboration in new intelligence businesses utilizing satellite data in various private sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy, land assessment, environmental analysis, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.
・Joint development and promotion of a solar power generation simulation system for digital transformation (DX) utilizing the geospatial information platform "Tenchijin COMPASS".
・Business expansion of the water leak risk management system "Tenchijin COMPASS KnoWaterleak" through collaborative sales efforts.
・Personnel exchange for the expansion of both companies' businesses.

 SKY Perfect JSAT and Tenchijin are committed to contributing to the optimization of customers business and driving DX initiatives even further through the continued advancement of the satellite data business.

*1 Web Geographic Information System: System to share and use geospatial information on the Internet.

■About SKY Perfect JSAT
SKY Perfect JSAT is Asia’s largest satellite operator with a fleet of 17 satellites, and Japan’s only provider of both Multi-channel Pay TV broadcasting and satellite communications services. SKY Perfect JSAT delivers a broad range of entertainment through the “SKY PerfecTV!” platform, the most extensive in Japan with over 2 million subscribers. SKY Perfect JSAT’s satellite communications services, which cover Asia, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Pacific Ocean and North America, play a vital role in supporting communications infrastructures for mobile backhaul, government, aviation, maritime, oil & gas and disaster recovery.
For more information, visit our corporate website (https://www.skyperfectjsat.space/en) and Space Business website (https://www.skyperfectjsat.space/jsat/en/).

■About Tenchijin Tenchijin provides its land evaluation engine, 'Tenchijin COMPASS,' by harnessing satellite data and A.I. It analyzes the features of each piece of land and evaluates its performance, supporting companies in carrying out their business activities in the most profitable and sustainable ways, particularly in water infrastructure, renewable energy, and agriculture. Tenchijin is certified as a JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) venture.
For further details, please check out our corporate website. (https://tenchijin.co.jp/?hl=en).