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Space Compass Signs Capital and Business Alliance Agreements with Axelspace and Reached Basic Agreement on Optical Communication Network

Apr 5, 2023

Tokyo, Japan, April 5th, 2023
Space Compass Corporation is pleased to announce that it has entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Axelspace Corporation and reached a basic agreement to use our optical data relay service.

Axelspace's Earth observation platform AxelGlobe service, offered with a flexible microsatellite Earth observation constellation, provides high resolution image data of 2.5m and imaging width of 57km to its customers every 2-3 days. With the deployment of higher-performance missions in the future, imaging frequency and resolution are expected to increase significantly, making the use of high-speed and instantaneous data relay via optical communication networks essential.

As one of the key initiatives to realize our vision “Space Integrated Computing Network”, Space Compass plans to launch its first geostationary orbit satellite for optical data relay by the end of 2024, followed by additional deployment to achieve global coverage and full-service provision by 2026. By early adoption of Space Compass's cutting-edge technology, Axelspace enables to further differentiate AxelGlobe as well as its microsatellite one-stop service, AxelLiner from others. We continue our effort to enhance our service to solve issues that satellite operators have.

“We are extremely pleased to announce our business partnership with Space Compass. Our partnership with the company will greatly contribute to the further growth of our AxelGlobe and AxelLiner businesses,” said Yuya Nakamura, President and CEO, Axelspace. “Through this partnership, we will continue our efforts to bring our vision of "Space within Your Reach" closer to reality as quickly as possible.”

"We are extremely honored to be able to partner with Axelspace, a leading company in Japan's earth observation and microsatellite manufacturing service. The optical data relay network that Space Compass is building is a solution that solves the challenges that many earth observation satellite operators have, in both the government and private sector. We will continue to work with various operators toward our service launch in 2024." said Koichiro Matsufuji, Co-CEO, Space Compass.

■About Axelspace Corporation
Axelspace provides solutions on the basis on its unique micro satellite technology under the vision of "Space within Your Reach.” The company’s main business activities comprise the AxelGlobe Earth Observation platform and the AxelLiner one-stop service to enable customers to realize their own microsatellite missions. The company offers microsatellite-based solutions for the Earth Observation business and the design, manufacturing, launch organization, operational support and commissioning of microsatellites and related components.
For more information, please visit https://www.axelspace.com/

■ About Space Compass Corporation
Space Compass is a joint venture company between NTT, Japanese Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader, and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, Asia’s largest satellite operator. We will launch a Space Integrated Computing Network to support the realization of a sustainable society. We are committed to improving our service by utilizing innovative technology including NTT’s IOWN. For more information, visit our corporate website, https://space-compass.com