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SKY Perfect JSAT to Invest in Seraphim Space Ventures II LP,
a Venture Capital Fund Formed by U.K.'s Seraphim

Apr 22, 2024


 SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer: Eiichi Yonekura; “SKY Perfect JSAT”) has announced its decision to invest as a finite liability union member (Limited Partner) in a Seraphim Space Ventures II formed by a Seraphim Space Manager LLP (“Seraphim Space”) based in the United Kingdom.

 In March 2024, SKY Perfect JSAT announced that it would invest in space-related startups and space-related venture funds by 2030 with an investment allowance of 10 billion yen. This decision will be leading the way of this initiative. Through this investment, we will strengthen collaboration with space startups in Europe, North America and Asia. By combining the knowledge and resources accumulated by SKY Perfect JSAT with the new technologies of startups, we aim to co-create new space businesses for a sustainable future.

 Since Seraphim Space was established in 2015, it has continued to invest approximately $300 million dollar in and support more than 100 space-related startups in total, making it one of the largest space technology investors in the world. Seraphim Space manages Seraphim Space Investment Trust PLC, a fund listed on the London Stock Exchange and is operated mainly by targeting start-up that are in the growing phase after Series-B.
 In addition, with these ways of investment​ and management​​ activities, Seraphim Space continually provides support to start-up companies to help them succeed in their businesses by operating their own accelerator programs. This accelerator program, which is conducted approximately twice a year in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, and other countries, has built a strong network with early-stage startups around the world.

 Starting with this investment, we will collaborate with space startups that have high affinity and strong synergies with our business: communications, space intelligence business such as satellite data, and development fields. Through creating new value for existing businesses and open innovation in new areas, we will deepen the collaboration with startups, continue to challenge to promote the development of the space business and a sustainable future.

■About Seraphim Space Ventures II LP

Name of fund

Seraphim Space Ventures II LP


London, United Kingdom

Unlimited union

Generation Space Ventures II GP LLP

Established year


Target companies

Startups in the space business

Target region

Europe, North America, Asia, etc.

Target Phase

Seed to Series A

 Seraphim Space Manager LLP CEO: Mark Boggett
 SKY Perfect JSAT's strategic investment in Seraphim Space Ventures II reflects our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the global space industry. The space sector's rapid expansion presents unprecedented opportunities for disruptive growth and consolidation. By joining forces with SKY Perfect JSAT, Asia’s largest satellite operator, we aim to unlock new prospects for regional and international investment, cooperation, and partnerships around transformative solutions for a sustainable future in space.

 SKY Perfect JSAT Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer: Eiichi Yonekura
 We, SKY Perfect JSAT, have been investing in and collaborating with space startups, including Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space, Inc. “iQPS” (a Japanese small SAR satellite manufacture and operator), to date. To realize the growth and expansion of our space business through collaborations with promising space startups worldwide, we have decided to invest in the fund of Seraphim Space, one of the world’s leading space venture capitals. As a space business company, SKY Perfect JSAT will continue to promote the creation of new businesses and take on the challenge of producing new value through collaborations with space startups and others.

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■About SKY Perfect JSAT
 SKY Perfect JSAT is Asia’s largest satellite operator with a fleet of 17 satellites, and Japan’s only provider of both Multi-channel Pay TV broadcasting and satellite communications services. SKY Perfect JSAT delivers a broad range of entertainment through the “SKY PerfecTV!” platform, the most extensive in Japan with over 2 million subscribers. SKY Perfect JSAT’s satellite communications services, which cover Asia, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Pacific Ocean and North America, play a vital role in supporting communications infrastructures for mobile backhaul, government, aviation, maritime, oil & gas and disaster recovery.
 For more information, visit our corporate website (https://www.skyperfectjsat.space/en) and Space Business website (https://www.skyperfectjsat.space/jsat/en/).