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SKY Perfect JSAT Group Accelerates Carbon Neutral Goal
Five Years Ahead of Plan to Fiscal 2025
~Advancing Toward a Carbon-Free Society
by Surpassing the Initial 2030 Target~

Oct 31, 2023

 SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President: Eiichi Yonekura, hereinafter "SKY Perfect JSAT") announced its commitment to expedite the achievement of its carbon neutral goal by moving the target up by five years, from 2030 to fiscal year 2025, in order to virtually eliminate greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions*1 across its group's business operations.

   One of SKY Perfect JSAT Group’s nine important themes (Materiality), identified in 2021, is "Contributing to the environment to make a decarbonized society and recycling-based economy a reality". The Group is proactively addressing the reduction of GHG by considering the transition to a carbon-free society as a management issue, with the aim of realizing both the economic and social values we have set for 2030.

   The implementation of renewable energy within the Group is progressing smoothly, and currently, nearly all our domestic locations, with the exception of the SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation Toyosu Center (“STC” operated by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation) and the Sapporo Center (“SPCC Sapporo” operated by SKY Perfect Customer-relations Corporation), are powered by substantially renewable energy-derived electricity. By the end of fiscal year 2022, 93% of the Group's total electricity consumption was derived from substantial renewable energy sources*2. As a result of these efforts, we have decided to accelerate our reduction targets, which are readily achievable.

   Beyond our ongoing efforts to transition to electricity derived from substantially renewable energy at each site, we will also strive to achieve carbon neutrality by implementing various internationally recognized offsetting methods.

*1 Scope 1 (direct emissions) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions associated with energy-supplied utilization) are covered.
*2 SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. and its domestic consolidated subsidiaries.

Transition Plan towards Carbon Neutral Goal

   Besides these initiatives for achieving decarbonized society, the Group is also aligning with the Basic Environmental Policy set in April 2023, making environmentally conscious efforts including green procurement and proper waste disposal. Furthermore, we aim to make contribute to global environmental improvement and the resolution of social challenges by advancing our current operations and innovating new businesses.

   For over 30 years, we have been developing our business with satellites that harness solar power, a clean energy, in space. Responding to the environment is regarded as a significant business opportunity, particularly in the development of services related to satellite communications, satellite imaging, and business intelligence. As the SKY Perfect JSAT Group, we will further support our customers' environmental initiatives through the provision of these services.

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Important theme (materiality) addressed in this release:
“3. Contributing to the environment to make a decarbonized society
and recycling-based economy a reality” 

SKY Perfect JSAT Group has identified nine important themes (Materiality). 

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