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SKY Perfect JSAT Yokohama Satellite Control Center
and Space Port East's electricity power converted to renewable energy
~Towards realization of decarbonized society~

Jan 28, 2022

 SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President: Eiichi Yonekura, hereinafter "SKY Perfect JSAT") announced today that SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer: Eiichi Yonekura), a wholly owned subsidiary of SKY Perfect JSAT, has converted all of  “Yokohama Satellite Control Center” and “Space Port East” electric powers to renewable energy in January 2022 by revising both facilities’ electricity purchase agreements. This effort is part of our commitment to achieve our Important Themes (Materiality) that was announced in the release “SKY Perfect JSAT formulates SDGs policy and sets goals and KPIs” dated November 2, 2021. Under this statement, SKY Perfect JSAT has addressed “What we want to be in 2030” and identified the goals of Important Themes (Materiality) including “Contributing to the environment to make a decarbonized society and recycling-based economy a reality”. With this conversion, SKY Perfect JSAT Group’s ratio of renewable energy consumption over the total energy consumption will become approximately 30%*1 and expects to reduce over 3,000 tons*2 of CO₂ emissions annually.

  • Primary Satellite Control Center – Yokohama Satellite Control Center (YSCC):Numerous parabolic antennas pointing to satellites from 85E to 169E longitude. Large antennas over 4m in diameter totals to 29*3

  • Back-up Station – Space Port East (SPE):Located in Hitachi-Oomiya City of Ibaraki Prefecture, it has a total of 64 antennas*3

 The primary satellite control center “Yokohama Satellite Control Center” and the back-up station “Space Port East” are both important ground facilities that supports the basis of our group’s satellite communications business and provides the satellite control, spectrum monitoring and teleport operation functions, all operating 24/7. Going forward, SKY Perfect JSAT Group will continue to work to accelerate our efforts towards realization of decarbonized society by converting electric powers for the remaining facilities to renewable energy and achieve renewable energy consumption ratio of over 80% by the end of fiscal year 2022 and 100% by the year 2030.

Based on SKY Perfect JSAT’s group mission “Space for your Smile” that we have created in 2018, SKY Perfect JSAT will continue to aim for sustainable growth by providing peace of mind, comfort and enjoyment to people's lives through our business.

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*1  SKY Perfect JSAT Group’s renewable energy consumption ratio is calculated based on the 2020 fiscal year’s  power usage.(Breakdown: YSCC 20.3%、SPE 8.6%)
*2  The total CO₂ emissions(t-CO₂/year)over the latest 12 month period (January to December 2021) of both facilities was 3,434 tons.(Breakdown:YSCC 2,382 tons、SPE 1,052 tons)
*3  Number of antennas for each site as of January 2022.

Important theme (materiality) addressed in this release:
“3. Contributing to the environment to make a decarbonized society
and recycling-based economy a reality”

SKY Perfect JSAT Group has identified nine important themes (materiality)
based on our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Please click here for details.