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SKY Perfect JSAT Announces 10 Billion Yen Investment to
Accelerate Collaborations with Space-related Startups

Mar 28, 2024

 SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Eiichi Yonekura; “SKY Perfect JSAT”) has announced its decision to invest 10 billion yen for domestic and international space-related startups and space venture funds. In addition to this investment, SKY Perfect JSAT will collaborate with the acceleration program “AXELA” provided by SPACETIDE Foundation (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masayasu Ishida, “SPACETIDE”). This collaboration aims to combine SKY Perfect JSAT’s accumulated insights and assets with the new technologies of startups, fostering the co-creation of new space businesses for a sustainable future.

 This investment is part of the SKY Perfect JSAT’s broader commitment to leverage new technologies and expand its presence in the space industry, as outlined in our April 28, 2022 announcement to invest 150 billion yen by 2030. The overview of this investment fund allocation is as follows: 

1.Investment Objective
   To collaboratively create new space businesses and forge a sustainable future  by combining SKY Perfect JSAT’s expertise and assets with the innovative technologies of startups

2.Investment Size
   10 billion yen

3.Investment Targets
   Domestic and international space-related startups and space venture funds

4.Investment Areas
   Field relevant to the growth of SKY Perfect JSAT’s space business (communication, space intelligence such as satellite data, exploration, etc.)

5.Investment Period
   Until 2030

   Engagement in SPACETIDE’s “AXELA” program to drive  collaborations with SKY Perfect JSAT

 Since launching Japan’s first private communications satellite, SKY Perfect JSAT has been a pioneer in creating various space businesses for over 30 years, with communication services via geostationary satellites at its cornerstone. In 2019, we began our foray into the Space Intelligence Business, expanding into solution businesses that leverage satellite data, and deepening our investment and collaboration with the Kyushu-based startup iQPS. Additionally, in January 2024, we established our in-house startup Orbital Lasers and invested in the JAXA startup, Tenchijin, highlighting our commitment to collaboration and co-creation with startups as one of the pivotal initiatives for SKY Perfect JSAT’s growth.

 Continuing on this path, SKY Perfect JSAT will strive to realize a sustainable future by co-creating new space businesses with a range of stakeholders in the space industry, including space-related startups.

 SPACETIDE Foundation has been working since 2015 with the vision of “Developing a new space industry in Japan and the world”. Through cross-industry initiatives, SPACETIDE aims to solve issues and uplift the entire space business, creating new pathways for the space business. As its main activity, SPACETIDE hosts the space business conference “SPACETIDE”, Japan’s largest space business conference led by the private sector. In addition, in 2022, SPACETIDE launched “AXELA” program, Japan’s first acceleration program specialized for space startups, aiming to build a new ecosystem and foster startups with international competitiveness.
 For more information, please visit the SPACETIDE website at http://spacetide.jp/en/. You can also learn more about the “AXELA” at https://spacetide.jp/en/axela/.

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