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Participation in the event of "Waterfront Big Experiment in Shiohama Canal 2023"

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The event of "Waterfront Big Experiment in Shiohama Canal 2023" organized by the Toyo-Shinsuna District Canal Renaissance Council, was held on October 27th(Fri) and 28th(Sat), 2023.

This council works towards the development of a healthy and disaster-resistant community around the Shiohama Canal, utilizing its waterfront. SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation which operates the SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center (hereinafter referred to as "the media center") along the Shiohama Canal, has been joining these efforts since fiscal year 2019.

The event of "Waterfront Big Experiment in Shiohama Canal 2023" held around the Shiohama Canal aimed to enhance awareness of the value of waterside spaces under the theme of "utilization of waterside spaces, environmental learning, and disaster prevention." It also aimed to create collaborative opportunities with surrounding companies and related organizations. This marked the fourth edition of the event, held this year.

In this article, we would like to share our participation in the event, focusing on the "Group Competition Disaster Preparedness Training Race" using the disaster evacuation boat (E-BOAT).

About Koto-Ward where "Waterfront Big Experiment in Shiohama Canal 2023" was held:

"Shiohama Canal Cup" using E-BOAT

The Shiohama Canal Cup is a group competition race using E-BOAT, with a total of six groups of companies and organizations located around the Shiohama Canal participating.
It is held with the aim of raising awareness of disaster prevention through races, enhancing cooperation with neighboring companies and regional strengths, and revitalizing the Shinsuna area.

In the racing, we competed to the fastest time of going round trips on a 150m course in E-BOAT. The E-BOAT is a 10-seater gondola canoe that is usually used for walking around in the water and for disaster prevention.

This event is so popular that the area around the canal, which serves as the race venue, is filled with the excitement of many participants and groups' support. We have been participating consistently since the year before last, and last year, we achieved our first championship! With the aim of defending our title, ten employees working at the media center and the headquarters participated. Newly hired employees with confidence in their physical abilities were also recruited and challenged the race.

10-seater E-BOAT used for disaster prevention

Highly motivated participants

At the beginning of the Event

During the orientation, an explanation was given of the purpose of the competition and how to wear a life jacket.

■Time trial
At first, there was a time trial to go back and forth between 150m. We put a lot of effort into the trial and came in first place overall.
(We got a seeding right for the final tournament, entering from the semi-finals, by finishing first in the qualifiers..)

■Practicing time
In the final, there was an additional rule called the "liferope challenge" to be applied before the start. The responsibility fell squarely on the shoulders of Takashi Senzawa, Executive Officer, Group President,of the Media Engineering Group, who oversees the media center, because the role was deemed of utmost significance....

Takashi Senzawa, Executive Officer, devoting himself to practicing

■At the Finals
After that, we won the semifinals, and now it was time for the finals.
The winds started blowing hard and they waited in the boat drifting unsteadily on the river.
Finally, the stage was set for the finals. The members prayed for the success of Senzawa. With the bomb, he threw a life-saving rope and started!

And…Victory! Successfully achieved a remarkable Back-to-Back championship for two consecutive years!

The members who participated were overjoyed!

▼Message from the member
"We were able to win the Group Competition with the help of young people. I think it is very important to interact with people in the vicinity of the media center, so we will continue to participate in such events. (Hiroyuki Amanuma, General Manager of Platform Div., Media Engineering Group, Media Business Division)

Participation in Shiohama Stage

Our employees participated in other programs as well.
At Shiohama Stage, there were stage performance by artists and those who are active in the community, and our company’s music circle "Toransponder" played.

Our music circle "Toransponder"

Exhibition of a Bora Fished in the Shiohama Canal

Employees who participated said that they were able to interact with local residents and learn about disaster prevention through the program, including how to use the E-BOAT . One of our materiality themes is “Regional and Community Development”, and we value communicating with local residents. We will continue to actively participate in local events.

About Shiohama Terrace

There is also a wooden deck terrace called "Shiohama Terrace" behind the media center that anyone can use, and you can enjoy lunch and coffee at the adjacent cafe. Please feel free to visit when you come to Fukagawa, Koto-Ward, Tokyo.

Shiohama Terrace which is available to anyone

Appearance of the Shiohama Canal at dusk

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