Who We Are

Business Fields

From people’s lives on the ground to space.

Geostationary orbit 36,000km

Geostationary satellites:
Always stay connected, anytime

In 1989, SKY Perfect JSAT successfully launched Japan’s first private-sector communications satellite JCSAT-1. Since then, SKY Perfect JSAT has launched approximately 30 geostationary satellites, the most in Asia. They have achieved stable communications from space that “always stay connected, anytime,” in ordinary times as well as during disasters.

Low earth orbit 2,000km

Satellite data and AI:
Using real-time space data on the ground

Low earth orbit satellites fly at an altitude close to the earth’s surface. SKY Perfect JSAT has entered the sensing business that utilizes space data obtained from low earth orbit satellites. Earth observation data, such as images and positional information delivered from low earth orbit satellites to the ground in real time, is analyzed using AI technology for disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and other uses.

Low earth orbit 700km

SDGs in space: Space debris removal

Space debris is a global issue. There are an estimated more than 100 million pieces of space debris larger than 1 millimeter, and the number increases as collisions occur. SKY Perfect JSAT, in cooperation with RIKEN, JAXA, Nagoya University, and Kyushu University, has started to develop a space debris removal satellite. It is the world’s first initiative to remove space debris safely and efficiently using a laser-based method.

Stratosphere 20km

HAPS relay station in the sky

We will position a high altitude platform station (HAPS) in the stratosphere, 20 kilometers from the ground, to be used as a stratospheric platform (relay station in the air). By connecting geostationary satellites, low earth orbit satellites, and drones, HAPS will enable high-capacity, low-latency communications and broadcasting with the ground.

Atmosphere 10km

Communications for mobility:
Stay connected even in the sky

We offer Internet connection services for aircraft by satellite communications. Passengers on a plane can connect to the Internet and enjoy entertainment from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Ground 0km

SKY PerfecTV! : Japan’s first and largest digital multichannel satellite broadcast service

SKY PerfecTV! was launched in 1996 as Japan’s first satellite-based multichannel pay TV broadcast service. With approximately 140 channels, the most channels in Japan, and approximately three million subscribers, SKY PerfecTV! provides a wonderfully rich viewing experience.

Meeting diverse viewership needs through broadcasting and distribution

In addition to broadcasting, we offer the “SPOOX” pay distribution service and a free distribution service for SKY PerfecTV! subscribers to meet the diverse needs of its viewership.

Fiber-to-the-home business capable of serving 34 million households

We can provide TV re-transmission services, which allow for the viewing of terrestrial, broadcasting satellite/communications satellite, and new 4K/8K satellite broadcasting service using optical fiber lines, to up to 34 million households in 35 prefectures.

Sea 0km

Communications for mobility:
Stay connected even at sea

We offer Internet connection services via satellite communications over a wide sea area, meeting the demand for Internet access at sea where terrestrial line communications are difficult.

The SKY Perfect JSAT Group: Long-term Vision

Looking Toward 2030

“Society 5.0” has been proposed as a future, human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolutions of social problems by a system that highly integrates cyberspace (virtual space) and physical space (real space). At the same time, new industries are springing up as communication infrastructure built on multiple tracks, including in outer space, merge with artificial intelligence and big data. We see these innovations as an opportunity for growth, and the Group will invest in new domains over 200 billion yen by 2030, with the goal of achieving net profits of over 25 billion yen on a consolidated basis by 2030.


Business Potential of the SKY Perfect JSAT Group

Space Compass Established Creating a New Business: The Space Integrated Computing Network, a New Kind of Space-based Infrastructure from Japan

There is an urgent need to ensure the sustainability of economic and social activity. This makes it all the more important to effectively and fully utilize stratosphere and space for ICT infrastructures. This involves creating ICT infrastructures that support a number of fields, including energy, environment and climate change, disaster prevention, marine infrastructure, and security. SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation formed a joint venture with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) to found Space Compass Corporation in an effort to achieve the space integrated computing network initiative. We are aiming to develop the space industry and make a sustainable society a reality by taking on the challenge of creating new space infrastructure.