Group Compliance Committee

To ensure that business execution of the Company's directors and employees comply with relevant laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, and various internal regulations, the Company has established a Group Compliance Committee and its Secretariat, the Compliance Promotion Office. The Committee appoints a Chief Group Compliance Officer who acts as the chairperson of the Committee.
The Committee chairperson submits issues on compliance program matters and facts regarding compliance to the Committee for deliberation, as well as reports deliberation results to the Board of Directors as necessary. The Compliance Promotion Secretariat maintains and manages company-wide compliance programs, and provides education and training related to compliance programs to directors and employees. The content of education and training includes information on insider trading, embezzlement, breach of trust, leakage of confidential information, corruption, receipt of subsidies and other public funds, and harassment.

Group Compliance Help Line

The Group Compliance Help Line is a system that enables employees and directors and employees to report and consult anonymously inside and outside the company in the event of any violation of laws and regulations, including insider trading, corruption, breach of trust, leakage of confidential information, bribery, receipt of subsidies and other public funds, harassment, or any other violation of internal rules. Moreover, if there is a consultation or report for which involvement of full-time Board Directors of the Company or Board Directors or Executive Officers of the Group companies is suspected, it can be forwarded directly over to the Company's full-time Corporate Auditors through the external Group Compliance Help Line, bypassing the Compliance Promotion Office and the Chief Group Compliance Officer.

Social media Policy

The SKY Perfect JSAT Group (hereinafter "our corporate group") defines the following social media policy ("this policy") regarding the use and participation in social media (*) and the operation of official accounts in social media.The SKY Perfect JSAT Group (hereinafter "our corporate group") defines the following social media policy ("this policy") regarding the use and participation in social media (*) and the operation of official accounts in social media.

■Basic policy for group officers and employees using social media

1. Goal of using social mediaWe consider social media as an important place to publicize information and to communicate with our customers. We aim to foster engagement (relationships) to improve customer satisfaction by actively approaching customers via official accounts and proactively publicizing information regarding the various services we provide.

2. Mindset when using social media
(1) Understanding and following the Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct and regulations and rules inside and outside the companyWhen we use social media, we follow laws and the “Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct," discipline ourselves as an adult with good sense so that we do not deviate from wholesome societal norms, and conduct communication fairly and rightly in good faith.
(2) Awareness and responsibilities regarding the publicizing of information and its handlingIn regard to the publicizing of information on social media, we understand that information uploaded to social media can be accessed by the general public, that once uploaded information cannot be deleted fully, and that the comments of individuals who belong to our corporate group would influence the evaluation on our corporate group, and then emphasize responsible behaviors, while maintaining an awareness on the considerable impact that social media has on the world.
(3) Stance on listeningWe always listen to and respect the opinions of others. In particular, we widely listen to customer opinions regarding our services on social media, and utilize them to assist the improvement of service quality, as well as assist our customers in using our services comfortably.

■To the users of social media accounts and official accounts that our corporate group operates

1. Information posted from the official accounts of our services is the opinion of the employee in charge of the corresponding service and does not always indicate the official announcement or opinion of our corporate group. For our official announcements and opinions, see the websites and press releases of our corporate group companies.
2. We always listen to statements regarding our corporate group on social media in order to improve customer satisfaction
3. We may access information disclosed on social media, such as customer names, profile photos, their gender, friend lists, and other information disclosed to all users.
4. We may not be able to reply to queries received via DM (direct messages).
5. We may block the accounts of users that repeatedly make malicious statements regarding our corporate group.


1. Users are responsible for viewing, collecting information on, and commenting on (hereinafter "viewing, etc.") our official accounts in social media and the social media that we operate. We will not be held responsible for any damage caused to users relating to the viewing, etc., of our official accounts.
2. Please note that we cannot answer technical questions regarding social media and how to use it, etc.
3. We will not be held responsible for any damage caused to users or third parties due to trouble that occurs between users or between users and third parties regarding the viewing, etc., of our official accounts.


1. When a user acts in a manner deemed to be or possibly be in violation of the law or public order, we may delete the corresponding post or block the account without notice, at our discretion.
2. When we discover an account deemed to pose a danger for spreading incorrect information to users, such as posting as an employee of our corporate group, we may notify the platform and request the account to be deleted.
3. Information, etc., that we post on social media belongs to our corporate group and users may not use that information without authorization of our corporate group, except where allowed by copyright law.
4. Information, etc., that users post on social media that we operate belongs the user that posted it. By posting to social media that we operate, users agree that our corporate group has the non-exclusive right to use (including, but not limited to, processing, extracting, duplicating, disclosing, and translating) the corresponding information anywhere over the world free of charge, and agree to not exercise their moral rights of author on our corporate group or a specified person of our corporate group.


*Social media refers to media that enables the general public to mutually exchange information via the Internet, such as digital bulletin boards, blogs, SNSs (social networking services), and image/video sharing sites.

For queries, see the information for each service.

This policy is subject to revision based on a comprehensive consideration of future social media trends and the corresponding situation.