Value Creation Story

Increasing our Corporate Value

Focusing on our Nine Key Issue Themes (Materiality)

The SKY Perfect JSAT Group intends to focus on its nine key issue themes—or materiality. In order to realize what we are aiming for 2030, we intend to strengthen our earnings power by restructuring our existing businesses, and we intend to improve our growth potential in the medium to long term through proactive investments. At the same time, we intend to reduce our capital costs through sustainability management and increase our corporate value by enhancing both our economic and social value.


Strengthening our Earnings Power

Reinforcing a stable earnings base

The SKY Perfect JSAT Group is a pioneer of the Japanese space business. In 1989, we became the first Japanese company to launch a communications satellite and, since then, we have used more than 30 satellites. Our Space Business provides global coverage, with a particular focus on Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, and we are strengthening our earnings base in the field of mobile communications services, while at the same time making our entry into the data intelligence business.

In our Media Business, which delivers SKY PerfecTV!, we cater to the diverse needs of our viewership through our broadcasting and distribution, and we are also steadily increasing our FTTH customer base.

Business Fields

From people’s lives on the ground to space.

Geostationary orbit 36,000km

Geostationary satellites: connect anytime, at all times

In 1989, SKY Perfect JSAT succeeded in launching JCSAT-1, Japan’s first-ever private communications satellite. Since then, we have provided stable communications from space—in line with our mantra of “connect anytime, at all times”—not only in normal times but also in disaster.

Low earth orbit ~1,000km

Satellite data x AI: utilizing data from low earth orbit satellites

Our information services draw on various types of data that can be collected from our low earth orbit satellites, including images and positional information, and are used in the fields of security and disaster prevention. We are also seeking to open up new markets, in the fields of finance, insurance, logistics, and agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

SDGs in space: Space debris removal

Space debris has become a global issue. For this reason, in collaboration with RIKEN and other research institutes, SKY Perfect JSAT has started developing the world’s first satellite capable of eliminating space debris using lasers.

Stratosphere 20km

HAPS: a relay station in the sky

In order to provide communications services with remote islands and other regions where the establishment of terrestrial lines is problematic, we are aiming to position a high-altitude platform station (HAPS) in the stratosphere. We also intend to use HAPS to provide communications services for remote sensing, and for mobilities, including drones, AAM (Advanced Air Mobility), and others.

Atmosphere 10km

Communications for mobility: Stay connected even in the sky

We offer Internet connection services for aircraft by satellite communications, enabling customers to use their smartphones, tablets, and computers to access the Internet while in the skies.

Ground 0km

Meeting diverse viewership needs through broadcasting and distribution

Broadcasting: SKY PerfecTV! 

Launched in 1996 as PerfecTV!, Japan’s first-ever digital broadcasting service, SKY PerfecTV! has become one of Japan’s largest multichannel pay TV broadcast services. Subscribers can use the free SKY PerfecTV! distribution service to access broadcasts on their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Distribution: SPOOX

Distribution: SPOOX 

The SPOOX pay video distribution service makes diverse content available via various purchasing methods,from monthly subscriptions with unlimited access to the purchase of individual content.

Fiber to the home (FTTH) Business: covering 42.8 million households

Our FTTH Business uses optical fiber lines to deliver terrestrial, BS and CS, and 4K8K satellite broadcast TV retransmission services. Today, our business has expanded to cover approximately 42.8 million households* in 37 prefectures.

  • Due to recent changes in market environments, we now calculate the number of households using data from the National Census. According to our previous calculation methods, which relied on determining the number of fixedline telephone users, our FTTH coverage currently stands at approximately 34.2 million households.Data is correct as of March 31, 2023.

Comprehensive support for video relay, production, and distribution

Our Media Solutions Business helps companies resolve problems related to video relay, production, and distribution. We leverage the knowledge we have accumulated through our operation of SKY PerfecTV!, and make full use of the broadcasting facilities, studios, and other program production facilities at the SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center.

Sea 0km

Communications for mobility: Stay connected even at sea

We offer Internet connection services via satellite communications over a vast sea area, meeting the demand for Internet access at sea where terrestrial line communications are difficult.

Improving our Growth Potential

Building a foundation for growth by 2030

The competitive environment in our areas of business is undergoing significant change, with technical innovations in geostationary satellites, the rise of new low- earth satellite operators, and the rapid growth of video distribution services.

But at SKY Perfect JSAT, we see this change as a business opportunity. Indeed, we intend to improve our medium- to long-term growth potential by promoting the development of technologies and services in both our Space Business and our Media Business—in a creative, nonlinear manner—and by contributing to the realization of a supersmart society.