Media Business


Medium- to Long-Term Business Strategy

As a platform that connects people, companies, and society, our Media Business aims to contribute to the realization of a diverse and highly creative society; to this end, we intend to expand beyond the fan experience and encompass new forms of experience.

In the face of fierce competition, the number of subscribers to our Satellite Broadcasting Business is gradually decreasing; on the other hand, every year our FTTH Business is steadily growing the number of its subscribers. Our plan, therefore, is to further expand our FTTH Business and, in order to diversify the composition of and revenue streams for our Media Business, to carry out a concentrated investment in our New Domains Business to the tune of ¥50 billion.

In our Connected TV Business, we are in the process of developing dongles that enable viewers to view various types of video distribution services, both paid and free, on large-screen TVs.

As part of our Connected TV Business, we also aim to create businesses that use new advertising methods based on data on individual preferences and behavior; to this end, we have entered into an alliance with FreakOut Holdings, Inc., in whom we invested in September 2021 to build an advertising platform. In our Media Solutions Business we have launched a solutions business that leverages our tangible and intangible assets to address issues faced by private-sector companies.

In our Media HUB Cloud video distribution support service, we make it easier for content providers to develop their distribution businesses by acting as a hub.

Taking advantage of the track record we have accumulated in our multichannel broadcasting business, our goal is to secure around ¥1 billion in new revenues across the Media Solutions Business within the next few years; we intend to achieve this by approaching content providers and service providers, as well as non-specialized corporations.

As part of our initiatives to provide “real experiences,” we will offer real-life excitement to fans of all kinds of content through fan meetups, events, merchandise sales, and tours, allowing them to enjoy themselves through their unique perspective as fans.

With regard to the Bundesliga, the top-tier professional football league in Germany, we hold broadcasting and distribution rights to the end of the 2025 season; we are also engaged in joint marketing under the terms of our partnership agreement. In July 2023, we invited a leading Bundesliga club to Japan to participate in a friendly match with a J1 League club, so fulfilling our pledge to deliver exciting experiences to Japanese soccer fans.

In July 2022, we invested in FRAME00, Inc. with the goal of utilizing the Metaverse for fan marketing, and of using blockchain technologies—which are at the heart of Web3—to open up new markets, including the creator economy.

Through the execution of the above business strategy, we are targeting segment profit—which combines our existing businesses with new domains—of ¥5 billion in fiscal 2030.

Key Issues and KPIs in the Media Business

Key issue themes

Key issues

Long term Short term KPIs/Results
Long term goals (ideal state for 2030) Short term goals to achieve Fiscal 2022 Results
Building resilient broadcasting and communications infrastructure, eliminating information gaps Provision of broadcasting and communications infrastructure to any areas and in any environment Give connectivity to everything on the planet seeking connection, and constantly provide reliable services, at any time By developing disaster-resistant broadcasting and communication infrastructure and expanding our reach, we will provide connectivity to all “people who seek connection” on the planet at any- time, anywhere

Expand the number of households that can provide broadcast services via optical lines to 35 million by 2023 in addition to satellite broadcasting

Number of households to which broadcasting service can be provided: Approximately 42.8 million households (as of the end of FY2022)

  • Started service in Fukui Prefecture in February 2023 and in Okinawa Prefecture in March 2023, for a total of 37 prefectures
  • The number of households that we can serve has been calculated based on a switch in the data from the number of landline phone subscribers to the number of households according to the census
Support of BCP and relief recovery through provision of disaster-resilient broadcasting and communications infrastructure Formulated an action plan for large-scale renovations at the Tokyo Media Center scheduled for FY2023
Improving the richness of life through a diversity of content Provision of a wide range of content via broadcasting, distribution, and various subscriber interfaces Realize an integrated media platform that expands people's values with various contents and services Promote encounters between people and content, and create a world where you can easily see the content you want to see Increase opportunities for people to enjoy content not only through satellite broadcasting, but also through greater use of distribution services and interactive features
  • Bundesliga Japan Tour 2022 powered by SKY Perfect JSAT was held in November 2022, with live broadcasts and live distribution of those games
  • Improved the SPOOX user experience and offi cial website to make content easier for customers to enjoy
Promotion of content distribution by supporting entry of diverse content holders Create a world where content holders (individuals / companies) can easily enter the content business Develop a mechanism to provide content providers with studio functions, content transmission, distribution functions, etc., integratedly Promoted expanded use of the Media Hub Cloud, a media solution service for content providers
Appropriate action for content involving violence, human rights, discrimination, etc. Establish ethical guidelines for providing video content and use it as the standard for our services Develop detailed and appropriate guidelines for our content off erings and revise them as needed in response to changes in the times
  • Implemented operations in line with the guidelines for services provided by SKY Perfect JSAT that were formulated in FY2021
  • Conducted a workshop on assessment in February 2023 to educate and inform employees
Promoting innovation which contributes to the environment and society Provision of new value through upgrades of broadcasting and communication and technological development Continue to provide new video services and new customer services, and develop society Continue to introduce new services that increase customer value every year Initiated eff orts to introduce the SKY Perfect Points Program (scheduled to start on May 23, 2023)
Regional and community development Social contribution, taking advantage of characteristics of broadcast slots, programs, commercials, etc. Realize “Space for your Smile” through social contribution utilizing our own infrastructure Implement social contribution measures using the assets of SKY PerfecTV! Free broadcasting and distribution of live coverage of a middle school baseball tournament in cooperation with the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks and live coverage of the fi nal of the Kyushu Women’s Baseball Tournament in order to promote regional revitalization

Case 1 Building resilient broadcasting and communications infrastructure, and eliminating the digital divide

Eliminating the digital divide through our FTTH Business, and delivering new, incredibly real 4K8K satellite broadcasting experiences via optical fiber lines

Our re-transmission services and optical fiber-based TV services leverage SKY Perfect JSAT’s optical fiber (FTTH) internet lines to deliver terrestrial digital, BS and CS, and 4K8K satellite broadcasting services to areas where reception is poor or where antennas cannot be installed.

Our coverage is gradually expanding in line with the growth of NTT’s “FLET’S TV” coverage; as of March 31, 2023, our services are available to approximately 42.8 million households in 37 prefectures across Japan, which equates to a household coverage rate of approximately 76%.

Our existing services targeted at individual detached houses make use of optical fiber lines owned by FLET’S and mobile phone operators; however, we have recently completed development of “NiSUMU CONNECT x optical fiber TV,” a service that delivers internet connections and TV viewing packages to all detached houses within a single housing lot area. We have launched this service in SMART HEIM CITY Nagareyama Fujimidai, which is administered by SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

In partnership with TSUNAGU NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS INC., the leader of the condominium Internet Service Provider (ISP) market, we are promoting orders from large-scale condominiums, and focusing on increasing the number of SKY PerfecTV! subscribers via our optical fiber line services.

Launching a pass-through multichannel service to address issues faced by the cable TV industry

SKY Perfect JSAT has launched a viewing control service for cable TV providers which, in addition to distributing broadcasts via our satellites, enables individual channels to be locked or unlocked for individual users. This means that viewers can watch or record broadcasts using remote controllers of their existing TVs or video recorders, even if they do not have set top boxes (STBs) installed.

The service reduces the costs for cable TV providers to install or replace STBs or other equipment in subscriber households. This pass-through system is a first in the cable TV industry, and we have received numerous inquiries from cable TV providers about using the service.

Case 2 Improving the richness of life through a diversity of content

Delivering real-life events such as the Bundesliga Japan Tour to enhance fan experiences

Our SKY PerfecTV! services deliver diverse methods for enjoying content beyond simple broadcasting and distribution, including a range of real-life events and simulated experience content using the latest technology to enhance the fan experience.

Taking the Bundesliga as an example, in addition to owning broadcasting and distribution rights, we have signed a partnership agreement that permits us to engage in joint marketing activities in Japan. As such, in July 2023, we again hosted the SKY PerfecTV! Bundesliga Japan Tour, which comprised a friendly match between FC Bayern Munich of the Bundesliga and Kawasaki Frontale of the J1 League.

In addition to bringing the Bundesliga’s exciting play of soccer to Japan, we also sold unique Bundesliga merchandise on the SKY PerfecTV! Merchandise Mall, and thereby combined various types of viewing and real-life experiences.

We have also launched the “Carp Ken” virtual viewing space for home games of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp professional baseball team. This virtual environment enables fans to interact with each other and participate in events while watching live baseball games, and includes additional features such as avatar-based virtual tours of the Mazda Stadium, the home ground of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, interactive text-based chats with special guests, and content aimed at encouraging friendships between fans.

We are also working to develop a wide range of simulated experience content. This includes R&D into technologies that enable simulated meet-and-greets with athletes and idols, and use of the advanced virtual reality space-sharing technologies of the SWCC Group to create simulated interactive experiences that draw on pre-recorded idol and fan images and video.

  • "Carp Ken" in a virtual space for fans of Hiroshima Toyo Carp

  • A virtual meet-and-greet with the former Fukuoka Softbank Hawks professional baseball player Kenji Akashi

  • A simulated interactive fan experience featuring MeseMoa.

Drawing on our assets and expertise to resolve new media issues

Takashi Senzawa

Executive Officer
Media Engineering Group, Media Business Unit
SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

The proliferation of internet environments and devices has led us into an era in which people of all ages use paid and unpaid video distribution services.

The rise of platformers that boldly invest huge amounts of money into acquiring content and promoting their services has had an influence on our satellite broadcasting business, both from the point of view of content and customer acquisition. However, the influence has not been entirely negative.

Since launching Japan’s first digital satellite broadcast in 1996, the Company has broadcast numerous channels with high degrees of precision and reliability for 26 years—and at the heart of this success lies the SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center (TMC) .

The numerous videos that we have amassed at TMC are delivered not only via satellite broadcast, but also via our online video distribution services such as a free distribution service for SKY PerfecTV! and SPOOX.

In order to generate new revenue streams, we are drawing on our capabilities and expertise to support the basis of our existing businesses, and to provide a media solution business that seeks to solve new issues encountered in the age of online streaming.

In our media solution business, we leverage our assets and expertise to solve issues related to content distribution faced by content holders, content providers, and distribution platforms.

Using our TMC facilities and technologies, for example, we not only deliver broadcasts and online streaming—we also create programs and host events, use Japanese and foreign satellites and optical fiber lines to distribute live broadcasts internationally, offer localization services for content according to their target use, and transform content formats so they can be delivered to various platforms; as you can see, we provide a variety of services aimed at creating content, increasing its value, and delivering it to customers at superior quality.

Going forward, we intend to determine the needs of our corporate customers and develop our business accordingly.

One of our important themes (materiality) is “improving the richness of life through a diversity of content .” In order to achieve this, we have set ourselves the target of “providing a wide range of content via broadcasting, distribution, and various subscriber interfaces,” and “promoting content distribution by supporting entry of diverse content holders.”

As our distribution business continues to evolve, we expect further diversification in the types of content holders seeking to distribute content—including private individuals and corporations. And, as these content holders diversify, so we expect the variety of issues they face to expand.

Our goal is to use our facilities, technologies, and expertise to meet the challenge posed by these diverse issues, and provide wide-ranging content that will enrich people’s lives.