Disclosure Policy

Information Disclosure Basic Policy

We provide fair information disclosure in conformance with the Fair Disclosure Rule established by the Financial Instruments and the Exchange Act.

Information Disclosure Standards

As a publicly traded company, the fundamental goal underlying our corporate governance is the maximization of corporate value in the capital markets. We believe that the timely and appropriate disclosure of company information is the basic premise for maximizing corporate value in the capital markets. Accordingly, we have established an Information Disclosure Committee as an advisory body for our representative director/CEO to achieve the following three aims:

  1. Implement timely and appropriate disclosure of information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Tokyo Stock Exchange Securities Listing Regulations, and other related laws and regulations
  2. As a corporate group focused on Media Business and Space & Satellite Business, provide timely and fair information disclosures to our stakeholders, including our subscribers, vendors and other business partners
  3. As a responsible corporate citizen, provide timely and fair information disclosures to society

More specifically, we have categorized the details of our information disclosures into three categories reflecting the timely disclosure regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, considering the need and content of each disclosure within Information Disclosure Committee prior to publication:

  1. Disclosure items for which the Tokyo Stock Exchange Securities Listing Regulations directly apply
  2. Disclosure items that fall under a disclosure policy beyond the scope required under the Tokyo Stock Exchange Securities Listing Regulations
  3. Disclosure items that are not included within the Tokyo Stock Exchange timely disclosure guidelines

Information Disclosure Methods

In accordance with information disclosure standards established by our company, we publicly announce information via the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) offered by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as well as through press conferences and document mailings as considered necessary. After publicly announcing information, we promptly publish such information to our website, doing our utmost to actively and fairly disclose corporation information.

Quiet Period

To prevent the leakage of earnings information and to ensure fairness, we have established quiet periods from the day after the closing date of each quarter until announcement of quarterly financial results. During this period, we refrain from answering questions or making comments about our financial statements or earnings projection.