What We're Planning

Message from the Sustainability Committee Chair

We will promote sustainability management under “Space for your Smile,” striving to enhance corporate value and sustainable social development

Koichi Matsutani

Sustainability Committee Chair
Chief Financial Officer

At a time when the market environment and global environment are changing significantly, the management environment surrounding the Company has also been changing significantly over the past few years. Even in this context, we are aiming for sustainable growth through the promotion of sustainability management.

In fiscal 2021, we identified nine themes of material issues and 22 material issues and established “Vision for 2030” and the medium- to long-term and short-term goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Furthermore, we redefined the Group’s mission “Space for your Smile” as a sustainability policy, and formulated our Story of Value Creation showing how the Company would realize sustainable growth.

Our future guiding principles, road maps, targets, and action plans are in place, so going forward the Sustainability Committee and the Board of Directors will monitor their progress and work to deepen our sustainability management. In October 2022 we will establish the Sustainability Department to accelerate the deepening of sustainability.

While promoting sustainability management from the management side, we are also advancing SDGs penetration activities by employees. Until fiscal 2021, working groups composed of volunteer employees carried out activities, such as cross-divisional discussions, inviting outside experts to give lectures, making recommendations to various internal systems, etc., and in order to increase our ability to execute transformation of the Company, we restarted these activities as a company-wide project from fiscal 2022.

On the twin pillars of these employee-driven activities and management, we aim for the sustainable development of the company and society.

Activities achieved

The Group is aiming for a balance of sustainable growth and social contribution, and commenced initiatives for
sustainability management from 2020. In April 2021, taking into account the respective characteristics of the Space Business and the Media Business, the Group identified the themes of nine material issues that it should tackle through its businesses. Furthermore, based on the themes of the nine material issues, it identified 22 material issues. When carrying out the identification, it started by extracting, evaluating, and stipulating the importance of the issues the Company should address based on the current situation.

In this process, we incorporated the opinions of stakeholders and experts and ensured objectivity and appropriateness.

Moreover, in October, we stated “Vision for 2030” for each materiality and established the medium- to long-term goals and KPIs and the short-term goals and KPIs for each fiscal year. Furthermore, we formulated a Story of Value Creation taking into account the materiality themes, incorporated this into the management plan, and worked to deepen sustainability management. In addition, we collaborated with the Risk Management Committee to make a report to the Board of Directors about the climate change-related risks and opportunities reviewed in the Climate-Related Review Project.

Story of Value Creation

Based on our sustainability policy "Space for your Smile," we will continue to grow by providing social value through the realization of our business vision.


Risks and Opportunities

SKY Perfect JSAT established Japan’s first private satellite communications business 36 years ago and, since then, it has continually carved out new business fields in the space and media business. Yet the rapid development of digital technologies in recent years has accelerated changes in our business climate and in that context, after ensuring we accurately understand both the business opportunities and the threats and risks presented by these changes, we have established materiality themes and material issues, and we are implementing various measures to resolve them.


Outside Officers’ Dialogue

SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings recently formulated a business strategy targeting the year 2030, which by extension, plots a course of action for the Company. We facilitated a meeting between Outside Director Kimiko Ohga and Outside Corporate Auditor Tsutomu Takahashi in order to hear their views as outside officers regarding the process for discussing medium- to long-term policies and their approach to generating medium- to long-term growth under the Group’s mission “Space for your Smile.”