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We will strive to accelerate the speed of our transformation in response to changes in the business environment and to enhance our corporate value.

We would like to thank you for your continued understanding and support of our Group's business activities.

Due to the further tensions in the international situation, technological advancements, and the participation of diverse players,  interest in the space business have increased not only in the stock market but also in the general public at large. In addition, the government's promotion of space utilization is providing a tailwind for our company. We will seize this opportunity, and without slowing down the pace of change, we will invest in both Space and Media businesses to transform them from existing structures into new business models suited to the coming era, with the aim of achieving our goals by 2030.

In Space Business, the satellite communications business continues to be strong due to robust demand for mobile communications and steady orders for government projects. Going forward, we will further focus on the space business through public-private partnerships, including the increasingly important security field. In addition, since this security demand is not limited to the domestic market, we would like to expand our business overseas as well. In addition to providing satellite-based communication and imaging services, we will support safe and secure social life by leveraging our various tangible and intangible assets and networks.

In Media Business, we are reviewing marketing strategies and cost allocation in our core business of satellite broadcasting services, while at the same time improving profitability by leveraging existing assets in the FTTH and media solutions areas. In addition, in response to changes in the viewing environment and industry trends, we are hastening the transformation of our business model by, for example, initiating the development of an advertising distribution platform through Connected TV.

The environment surrounding both businesses is undergoing remarkable changes, including technological innovation. In Space Business, the world of the space business, which used to be heavy-handed, is now filled with agile ventures and start-ups. We are pursuing new businesses through collaboration with them, and at the same time, we are also looking forward to the further development of in-house start-ups based on our experience and problem-solving capabilities, such as Orbital Lasers Corporation, which removes space debris, and SKY Perfect Pictures Corporation, which plans and produces animation and other content, which were born out of our company.

Since assuming office as president, I have insisted on management from the same perspective as that of our shareholders. I hope to establish a cycle of increasing basic profitability through selection and concentration, investing in businesses with growth potential while improving asset efficiency, and creating new businesses with promising partners.

We will continue to focus our efforts on realizing the creation of social and economic value.

We look forward to your continued support.

April, 2024

President and Representative Director

Eiichi Yonekura

  • Eiichi Yonekura