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We will pick up speed in new business developments and innovations,
aiming to expand our core profitability.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing understanding and support of the Group's business activities.

Starting this April, we have shifted to the Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange following the restructuring of its market classification. As you know, the Prime Market requires stronger corporate governance. We are committed to further enhancing our corporate value with a renewed sense of purpose.

Currently, the convergence of COVID-19 is still unclear, and the global situation is also unpredictable. The business climate surrounding us continues to be challenging, but we are promoting initiatives to achieve sustainable growth while strengthening the Group's core profitability by realizing the "REBUILDING, REPOWRING, REBRANDING" set forth in the “Group Plan 2020+”, which we launched in Fiscal Year 2020. As its starting point, this January, we opened a branch in Singapore to strengthen our Space Business sales in Asia. In Media Business, we have already taken a number of initiatives such as the launch of our new video distribution service "SPOOX" in October last year, offering viewers as much as 30,000 titles of video content.

Nevertheless, we believe that even more dynamic transformation is essential to survive in a fiercely competitive environment, and we have improved our corporate structure to focus on the development of business innovations for further growth in both Space and Media businesses. We will strive to maintain and expand our existing business, and also develop and provide new services with a sense of speed. In Space Business, we will aim to realize the Space Integrated Computing Network concept with NTT Group and accelerate the development of solution services using the combination of imagery data obtained from low-orbit satellites and AI technology. Also in our Media Business, we are taking a step beyond broadcasting services and picking up speed to increase orders for “Media HUB Cloud”, which provides solutions to support businesses that are expanding into the connected TV market and engaged in domestic and overseas distribution services.

We also recognize the urgent need to respond to the environment and moves toward decarbonized society is a challenge in management. In Space business, we are contributing to the expanded usage of renewable energy through our business such as the Hybrid Solar Power Generation Output Prediction System, and in Fiscal Year 2021, we have converted electric powers of our satellite control centers that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to renewable energy. SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center is also scheduled to convert its power to renewable energy in Fiscal Year 2022, and we are working toward our goal of 100% by 2030.
Additionally, we will focus on improving productivity by promoting DX, implementing structural reforms, and investing in human resources, thereby strengthening the foundation for expanding our core profitability.
We will aim for the sustainable growth of the SKY Perfect JSAT Group while sincerely facing all stakeholders, including employees, business partners, stockholders, and local communities.
We look forward to your continued support in these endeavors.

April, 2022

President and Representative Director

Eiichi Yonekura

  • Eiichi Yonekura