Promotion of Sustainability Management

Message from the Sustainability Committee Chair

We will promote sustainability management under “Space for your Smile”,intending to contribute to the sustainability of our society and of our earth and space environments and, at the same time, realize improvements in corporate value.

Koichi Matsutani
Sustainability Committee Chair

In April 2021, we set out our nine key issue themes and key issues—or materiality—that are tied to them. We also drew up a list of long-term goals as part of our Vision for 2030 and short-term goals and KPIs for each fiscal year.

By redefining our Group mission of “Space for your Smile” as a sustainability policy and by incorporating the Story of Value Creation into our management plans, we intend to reinforce our sustainability management.

In order to improve our capacity to achieve our goals, in October 2022, we established the Sustainability Department; together with the Sustainability Committee; which is responsible for sustainability promotion activities across the Group.

We have identified the Environment—including climate change—Human Capital, and Human Rights as three focus areas.

For the Environment, we have formulated a new Basic Environmental Policy and Green Procurement Policy; we are also promoting the use of renewable energy, and, as of March 31, 2023, renewable energy accounted for 93% of the Group’s energy usage in Japan.

In the area of Human Capital, we have drawn up a new human resources strategy, based on which SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation revised its human resources systems in April 2023. As a result of revisions to our Business Vision and Business Strategies, in April 2023, we also made changes to our list of materiality issues.

Through its business activities in the domains of space and the media, the entire Group intends to strengthen its sustainability management, become a company that society depends upon, and achieve sustainable growth.

Activities in Fiscal 2022

We are making a smooth process toward achieving our Vision for 2030. We value dialogue with all our stakeholders and, as such, we are actively disclosing the progress and concrete initiatives of our sustainability management both in this Integrated Report and on our company website. In January 2023, we expressed our support for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD); accordingly, we are working to expand the scope and quality of the information we disclose based on the TCFD recommendations; this includes information related to climate change, and information related to investments in human capital and corporate governance.

In fiscal 2022, we were awarded a “B” score in the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire by CDP, an international non-profit that seeks to set the gold standard for environmental disclosure. In June 2023, for the first time, we were selected as a constituent of the FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index, which is an ESG index. Following our selection to the S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index and the Morningstar Japan ex-REIT Gender Diversity Tilt Index, we are thus now a constituent of three of the six indices of Japanese companies adopted by the Government Pension Investment Fund.

Activity Plan for Fiscal 2023

In fiscal 2023, we intend to execute our plans for each organization to achieve our materiality goals and KPIs. We will use our various committees to properly understand the social landscape and, while improving our company systems, we will work to increase the efficacy of our sustainability management. We will also strive to increase the scope and quality of our disclosures and improve information-sharing across the entire Group.

Value Creation Story

Based on our sustainability policy "Space for your Smile," we will continue to grow by providing social value through the realization of our business vision.


The SKY Perfect JSAT Group: A Proven Track Record

The unknown no one had attempted before.

In 1989, SKY Perfect JSAT took its first leap forward by doing the unprecedented—launching Japan’s first private-sector communications satellite. Since then, it has continued to place itself in uncharted territory, establishing entirely new businesses that no one in Japan has tried before.


Dialogue with Expert

We invited Mr. Sasaya, an expert, to participate in tripartite talk in order to incorporate an external perspective on our sustainability initiatives.

Hidemitsu Sasaya
ESG/SDGs Consultant, Professor, Chiba University of Commerce

Eiichi Yonekura
Representative Director, President

Koichi Matsutani
Sustainability Committee Chair, Director