How We Are Practicing

Selection of Material Issues

To accomplish our mission “Space for your Smile,” we are committed to our contributions to the sustainable development of a society through our sustainability management.

Kiyohiro Omatsuzawa

Sustainability Committee Chair
Director of SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc.

SKY Perfect JSAT has carried the great responsibility of offering a broadcasting platform and communications infrastructure through artificial satellites. We have delivered broadcasts and data via space to regions where communications and broadcasts do not reach from ground stations so that we provide disaster-resistant infrastructure, thereby helping municipalities and companies establish their business continuity plans (BCPs), for which we are proud of ourselves. Offering improvements to people’s day-to-day life through our business falls perfectly in line with the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
To accomplish the Group mission “Space for your Smile” established in 2018, we currently focus more on our initiatives to work toward the SDGs, aiming to institute sustainability management that society needs for sustainable growth. As part of this effort, we have recently sorted out the social issues to which we should offer solutions in light of the SDGs, and identified nine themes of material issues. The next step is to set targets and key performance indicators (KPIs), and incorporate them into each organization’s action plans. Through the PDCA for these initiatives, we will build our sustainability management while adapting to changes in internal and external environments.

Nine materiality themes


Materiality Identification Process


Materiality and efforts to address ESG issues

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Contributing to the Environment to Make a Decarbonized Society and Recycling-based Economy a Reality

Provision of Safe and Secure Living Spaces through a Combination of Next-generation Wind Turbines and Satellite Communication Services

In a partnership with Challenergy Inc., a company known for typhoon power generation, SKY Perfect JSAT is conducting collaborative activities aimed at operationalizing services that combine stable wind power generation with satellite communications in digitally divided areas of the world, such as Southeast Asia and Pacific island countries, where both power generation and communications infrastructure are underdeveloped.
The Magnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine that Challenergy is currently developing has excellent environmental flexibility, with fewer environmental concerns in terms of noise pollution and bird strikes than conventional propeller-type wind turbines, and the capacity to achieve stable power generation both during favorable weather conditions and when there are typhoon-level winds or turbulence.
Satellite communication offers the advantage of providing high-level communications service to digitally divided regions, such as remote islands and mountainous regions, and disaster recovery communication platforms for use after a large-scale disaster. This is expected to be the first technology in the world to succeed in harnessing electric power and communication to help the people living in these areas achieve a more modern way of life, instead of using unstable diesel power generation infrastructure, which is expensive and places a greater burden on the environment.
In summer 2021, we completed construction of the first wind turbine in the province of Batanes, an archipelago province in the northern Philippines, and we will start service that simultaneously provides wind power generation and satellite broadband communications. Batanes is an area that sustains damage from typhoons nearly every year, making it difficult to install propeller-type wind turbines and solar panels that cannot withstand strong winds. Batanes also has inadequate communications infrastructure due to the remote location of the islands, raising issues specific to COVID-19, such as lack of bandwidth for school online classes.
This wind turbine is the first model to combine Challenergy’s typhoon power generation and SKY Perfect JSAT’s satellite communications as a solution to the social issues faced on remote islands. We will continue to provide services that live up to the high expectations of the local community. Following on from the first wind turbine, we are considering building two or more units in the Philippines after the next fiscal year.
In the future, we will use power and communications to collect, accumulate, and analyze operating and meteorological data from the wind turbines and integrate this information with satellite imagery and data from other applications. Accordingly, we will expand our business into new domains, including meteorological businesses, measures for adapting to climate change, and microgrids for local production and local consumption of energy, while actively working toward the achievement of the SDGs.


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Activities by a Diverse Array of People

Human Resources Development: Program Concept

SKY Perfect JSAT is a one-of-a-kind business that fuses space and media and employs people with diverse cultures and personalities. In this environment, we have established a policy on the development of human resources to “unleash and maximize the capabilities of each employee that will contribute to our services.” Under this policy, we make various efforts to help each employee achieve their full potential so that all our employees have successful careers in the company.
On joining the company, new recruits receive training for new employees. Subsequently, they receive training according to their positions and seniority in their third, fifth, and eleventh years and routine skills enhancement opportunities. We have been enhancing our technical training programs, which cover the latest technological developments as well as specialized knowledge in satellite operations and communications systems to help deepen their understanding of our businesses. We also have in place a personal development support system to cover 50 percent of the expense an employee needs for their personal development efforts.
On the other hand, our career development system is designed for each employee’s independent career formation. Through talent development interviews with their supervisors, employees form a clear picture of how to develop their skills and what careers they hope to have in the future. We also have a career counseling system in which certified career consultants offer career advice for individual employees.
As next-generation leadership training, we send selected employees to external training programs, and prospective managers gain work experience as a team leader before they assume their managerial positions. We provide career training for mid- and senior-level employees who have been driving the businesses forward at the forefront. As we head into the 100-year life era, this training will encourage employees to reevaluate their strengths and leverage their capabilities to give back to their work and society regardless of their age.


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Building Resilient Broadcasting and Communications Infrastructure, Eliminating Digital Divide

Elimination of the Digital Divide, Taking Advantage of Characteristics of Satellite Communication, and Utilization of Satellite Communication in the Event of Disaster

Through wide coverage, multi-destination distribution, and mobility, satellite communication makes it possible to secure means of communication, including the internet, in areas such as mountainous regions and remote islands where terrestrial lines cannot be installed, with electric power and antenna that are capable of receiving electric waves. Through this system, what was once inconvenient becomes comfortable, and this helps to reduce digital divide among regions. Such merits are not limited in Japan. This expansion of the communication environment contributes to the elimination of disparities in areas such as education, the economy, and technologies in the least developed countries.
Moreover, as satellite communication is not much affected by natural disasters like earthquake on the Earth and its high-mobility nature, the use of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), vehicles with Satellite News Gathering Systems, makes mobile phone services and internet communication available even in disaster-affected areas. Furthermore, satellite communication is useful in the provision of relief and medical care in disaster-affected areas in the recovery phase.

Training in utilizing emergency telecommunications provided by DCOME in November 2017
Installing satellite communication antennas in the disaster-affected areas
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Improving the Richness of Life through a Diversity of Content

Multi-channel Broadcasting Contributes to Creation of a Society Embracing Diversity

Our multi-channel satellite broadcasting TV platform, SKY PerfecTV!, offers more than 100 channels. Through diverse channels, including anime, sports, Japanese and foreign movies and drama, hobbies, and news channels, SKY PerfecTV! offers viewers opportunities to get to know diverse cultures and values. In line with the diversification of lifestyles, we offer SKY PerfecTV! via various means, such as satellite, optical fiber, and internet, and for various devices, such as PCs, smartphones, and IPTVs. Subscribers can enjoy SKY PerfecTV! anywhere anytime without device constraints.

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Regional and community development

Our Contribution to Improvement of the Educational Environment in Southeast Asia (Provision of Environments for Communications and Education)

On April 1, 2021, we opened the first SKY Perfect JSAT School in Snuol Commune, Kralanh District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. The school aims to provide a place of learning for all local children using our satellite connections and other means, with help from the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan. Going forward, we will be operating the school as a hub of support only SKY Perfect JSAT can provide, including the creation of an environment for communications and the provision of video teaching materials using satellite connections.

Our aim is to “provide educational opportunities for children in Southeast Asia by leveraging SKY Perfect JSAT’s resources.” To achieve this, we set up the Education Support Project for Southeast Asia in 2014 and have launched various initiatives to date.
Southeast Asia has considerable income gaps between countries and regions. It is not unusual that children drop out of elementary or middle school unless they are from wealthy families. Children who have left school will have limited job opportunities in the future. Hence, we decided to establish SKY Perfect JSAT School in cooperation with the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan so that those children will have more learning and career choices. In this new initiative, we support the school throughout the process from the launch to autonomous operation by local residents.
SKY Perfect JSAT School is an initiative that aims to provide steady and sustainable education through the World TERAKOYA Movement, a project launched by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, using local networks. We have worked with the Federation since 2015 and developed a strong relationship of trust with them. We will be supporting the operation of SKY Perfect JSAT School, making regular visits to the school and doing other activities, through the local office of the Federation, so that the school will operate autonomously by fiscal 2031.
For our future action, we are exploring the possibility of supporting not only SKY Perfect JSAT School, but other terakoyas (temple schools) administered and operated by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan. We are determined to help create an environment wherever possible for children from any backgrounds so that they will all be able to work toward the futures they dream of, thereby developing a more enriching society.

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Outside Directors’ Dialogue

SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. is a corporate group providing highly public services—broadcasting and communications. In this capacity, the Company is working to build a highly transparent governance structure that can adapt quickly to changes in the business environment. Outside directors Mr. Fujiwara and Ms. Ohga sat down to discuss the Company’s governance situation and the challenges that lie ahead.

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